Does anyone have another insurance company they can recommend?

Geico, my insurance carrier found out I was ride sharing and said they were giving me a month before the were dropping me. I looked around and didn’t find much. I called them and they do carry it in Pennsylvania. My rates doubled and they called today and said that was just for liability. Now they added collision and will call with an even higher rate. WTF? Someone posted something similar and said Geico gave her a lower rate than her personal coverage.

I have progressive in PA with the rideshare rider. added 20 bucks a month to my rate. Already had full coverage anyway.

State farm, or Erie insurance could be your best option, plus you can be save money on the deductible cause Uber regular deductible is $1000.00

my policy is commercial. Full commercial.

I was simply trying to state that it costs extra to operate your vehicle in a commercial capacity as far as insurance goes.

then you need to talk to your agent or switch companies. It’s just an endorsement with the company I work for on normal personal auto.

WRONG! This is the 2nd time you’ve tried to give that wrong way advice to drivers in this group. This is your final warning to STOP.

That’s insurance fraud. So how about no. If you do that your ass will be in the ufrs so quickly and you will never get insurance again unless you want non standard which you will pay out the nose.

my understanding in Texas: Rideshare insurance is useful because with Uber or Lyft insurance coverage you are only covered once you have a pass in the car. Once you are enroute to pickup a pass you are no longer covered under your personal policy, you are driving for work. Once you drop off the pass and head home once you are home (not literally necessarily but end of your shift/day/drivetime) you are then back on your personal policy. The ride share endorsement protects you anytime you don’t have that pass in the car but you are headed to your first, in between, or from your last pickup or dropoff. I’m also an I dependent insurance agent. I’m in Texas I cover tons of drivers because I explain this. The big companies fail to explain this most local agents fail to explain it. …but I’m in both worlds so I explain whenever I can.

correct but in Pennsylvania and many other states the rideshare companies have to cover the driver in all three periods except if the app is turned off.

According to Pennsylvania state law rideshare companies have to provide insurance coverage in the behalf of the driver or if the driver doesn’t have any. The driver required to maintain insurance which can be personal coverage when the car is use non commercial use, I would assume though the driver would need to disclose to his or her insurance provider they are doing rideshare even though rideshare insurance is not mandatory in the state of Pennsylvania.

Most likely she said something that red flagged her to underwriting or something in her clue report flagged her again to underwriting

It’s better if you find a company that carries you with the gap insurance for rideshare. Lyft and Uber insurance covers the passenger only. Not you, not the car. If your insurance company precludes rideshare (in some cases you can’t even use your car to deliver pizza) and you get in an accident, you will be SOL. The gap insurance is cheap, but no matter the cost, if you aren’t covered for rideshare, you’d better not do it. Too risky!

yikes! I’m sorry to hear that. Both companies require you to carry personal insurance coverage. Did the company insurance just take over our was out also submitted to your personal insurance?

finally the tow truck company’s insurance came to its senses today and accepted 100% liability for the accident and has since decided to pay out everything. My car was totaled and I have a back injury so they paid the actual cash value of my car as it was before the accident. They will continue to pay my medical bills too.

It wasn’t easy getting them to accept liability. In fact, I battled with them for over a week. Their insured ran a red light, hit me, and pushed me into another car. The driver admitted to police he was at fault and ran the red light. The owner of the company however told the insurance company his driver had a yellow light and I ran the red light… what a foolish mistake. There’s cameras at the intersection. The cop reviewed footage and cited him for running a red light. The crash report even states he was driving too fast for conditions (snow) and running a red light.

I told his insurance company that they until 4:30pm today to agree to 100% liability or I was signing the paperwork tomorrow morning for a lawyer. 3:56 the emailed and said they are accepting 100% liability. They knew how much a lawyer would get out of them given all of the evidence I had.

thanks. So, I won’t be driving for Uber or Lyft anymore. Being on the road more increases my risk for another accident. I don’t want that. Plus I’m getting a new car and don’t want it tore up.

And, if you take minors in your car and anything happens, Lyft or Uber insurance will not cover you and your gap coverage won’t either because when you agree to the TOS you agree not to transport minors. YOU WILL HAVE NO COVERAGE AT ALL if you transport minors without adult accompanying.

gap is say you buy a vehicle for $20,000. You take it off the lot and now it is worth $15,000. You get into an accident a block away and it’s a total loss. The insurance company will pay that $15,000 and the gap insurance will cover the $5,000. You can only have it on vehicles that are about 2-3 years old though and some companies will only cover up to 85% payout of gap.

Ok. I understand that I think, perhaps I was calling it the wrong thing. Either way, you must buy an insurance policy that includes a rideshare…addendum?

Geico is not playing games! They suspended me when I said I was THINKING of signing up with Uber. I went to Farmers after that. This was in New Jersey.

When you apply for insurance (even if you don’t buy it) they check your driving history with the DMV. Uber checks driving history. Insurance companies check policyholders histories at random. The DMV records everyone who checks. When your company checked they saw that Uber also checked. They asked them if you were active and your caught. You can’t lie or hide info from any insurance company. They have networks just like credit bureaus. If they didn’t catch you now they would have at the time of any claim.