Does anybody else get confused when a rider hops into your front seat instead of your very large backseat area?

Does anybody else get confused when a rider hops into your front seat instead of your very large backseat area?? I’m like “uhhhh hi there, would you like half of my arm rest or the whole thing?”

Perfer them sit with me, when you travel out of the US it is rude to ride in the back.

I was merely making a joke, it’s more of an “arm space” or “hey this dude smells horrible” thing.

I prefer they sit passenger rear. Sometimes they go to front (They get their own arm rest when they do) lol. When I don’t have anyone in the car and they try to get in behind me, I summon them around to passenger side and have the door open and waiting

LOL I have taken to reaching over and relocking the front passenger door after unlocking the door at the pickup point…

I try to pull up far enough the back is closest for them. The ride is wonkier in the back tho… might account for someone getting pukey

I really prefer them to sit in the front next to me and I absolutely hate when it’s a 1 Rider who sits directly behind me that gives me the creepers

Oh hell no girl I would probably freak out I would have my Taser in my hand right between my legs are by my side something I don’t know

I’d rather then sit up front so I can see what they’re doing and it’s really awkward otherwise. We’re supposed to have 4 seats available at all times for riders anyway.

Why would that bother you? Sometimes they don’t want to feel like a customer. Lyft used to make it mandatory to sit in the front. Fist bumps and all…

It really is a job more suited towards outgoing personalities and peoples people. Uber and Lyft wanted to differentiate themselves from cabbies and be more like friends giving each other rides, the front seat does that. Its more casual than a cab. Plus, if youre next to me I can see exactly what youre doing and I can actually have a non awkward conversation

Safety for one. Harder to be compromised from the back seat than the passenger seat.

I keep a bag of stuff on the front seat just to encourage people to use the back seat.

I don’t mind anyone sit on front seat. What’s wrong? Someone want a better view to enjoy.

I had a 3 stop pool the other day, the last rider was in the front seat. She actually asked me if it was ok to stay in the front seat. I was baffled & said sure no problem. Who would make someone switch seats?!

If you know that you will be taking a Uber or a lyft I wish people would be considerate to make sure they have taken a bath for the day or that they don’t consume 2 and 3 packs of cigarettes to where when they get in your car and sit beside you you can barely breathe. This would help alot I would also appreciate if you’re going to be the up front passenger please don’t stare out the window like some robot start a conversation.

My issue is perfume / cologne. Had a lady apply fresh at the end of her work day for me to take her home, traffic had her in my car 45 mins could not roll down the windows fast enough once she exited.

I just can’t stand when a rider gets in my car smelling like they have not had a bath and that they choked on two to three packs of cigarettes I’m like I try to let they window down but because of it being kind of nippy out they let it back up I’m like do you realize you stink… I can’t even hold a conversation with them because I’m too busy trying to hold my breath

I understand. My windows lock from the drivers door and no one else can open or close the other three unless I unlock it, great feature. I have a keen sense of smell and agree body order and smoke are gross but I can forgive body order at the end of a work day, smoke I am a 19 year quit so no I don’t like it. My problem with perfume is migraine especially certain scents. But to just smell because you don’t bathe is nasty any way you look at it.

I keep the front seat all the way forward, I lay my UberEats bag on the seat and usually my coat. I make it as unwelcoming as I can and most get the idea. I hate for people to sit upfront. I don’t want to be your buddy or your friend. I will be nice to you and chat with you but we aren’t going to be lifelong friends. Sit in the back,

I like it when they jump in the front.