Do you think this is one of those scams

Got my first message from Uber letting me know a passenger commented that they did not feel safe at the speed I was driving, followed by the expected threat from Uber to get deactivated if this continues. No response was necessary and I did not respond. It would not have done any good anyway. I was surprised since I only had 4 passengers yesterday and no reason to think anything was unusual or anyone was unhappy. I seriously doubt I was speeding. It is hard not to take this personally. I woke up several times last night thinking about it. I have been reading about where a passenger makes a false complaint so they get a free ride? I’m going to try to not worry about it since it was a first offense.

Of course the passenger was trying to scam the system. Uber has hooks into all the sensors on your phone - they know how fast you’re going at all times when you’re online. They’re just trying to appease the passenger and make sure they cover their butt in the event that a driver really is being reckless.

I quit driving for Uber because of all the different problems from either drunk people or the people that had no money… Or people that wanted to add too many riders in my car or drunk riders … THEY WERE THE WORST

Yes scam on the pax part trying to milk a free ride.

I’ve learned to avoid picking up pax at certain locations at certain times of the day to minimize any problems of false accusations.

Because ppl complain for no reason and Uber listens. They’ve also sent me one that said i was speeding. But i know i watch my speed when i have riders.
Glad they brought Uber Eats to my area now i don’t really drive ppl around

I would respond to it. Tell your side so that the account can be monitored. They will lie about it and you they don’t know who did it but you will see where the ride was because you will have $0 for earnings.

I probably would respond also.

This pax might have a history of making false accusations against rideshare drivers.

The more drivers counter these the more of a track record Uber could use for deactivating the pax from using Uber.

I would fight it, especially if you know you weren’t speeding. Some people make up false accusations to screw people over. And these companies always side with the riders. Probably because they are making all the money and they just don’t care If they get rid of people they no know we can easily be replaced at any time. We basically have no rights.

This is why never trust riders…never trust uber and Lyft since they always reward riders…and kick drivers to the curb replace with new ones…and no they never replace riders…they get compensation

Drunk people are considered of not sound mind yet they let them rate you .
Addicts are also not of sound mind and yet they let them rate drivers !
You get free rides or discounts rides if you have fake issues !
Defamation is something one must consider in the ratings ! And you may want to sue the pax then after winning you sue rideshare .

Great observation! How would Uber know who the drunks/addicts are so they could prevent them from rating us though?

I got one the other day telling me my car was nasty. I keep an emasculate car when driving :eyes::eyes:. Just wants a free ride. Sad cause scams can effect our driving status and ratings

I used to get all kinds of messages when I was doing Uber, got where I ignored them. And even on UE I got a final warning about dropping off delivery late. What do they expect me to do? Run red lights and stop signs and speed.

Uber shouldn’t even send a message to the driver with these bullshit pax complaints. They should respond to the pax if you felt unsafe then why was the ride completed? Why didn’t you choose to get out and get another Uber? They need to stop believing pax who take the full ride because it is obvious they are lying and just wanted a free ride after the fact!!

Only taxis get away with driving reckless. My brother in law invited my wife and me to his apartment in San Francisco and then we took a taxi to dinner to a restaurant in the Columbus and Broadway area, he lived closed to AT&T Park. It was the wildest cab ride I ever had, lots of fast acceleration, hard braking and speeding around corners.

Uber can track your speed now. The posted speed limit is in the lower left of the screen. When you speed above 4mph of the limit a red flag will pop above the little sign.