Do you think the weekend crowd was rough or is the voice annoying?

Hello, I have been driving for a little over a year now. I use Waze for navigation and recently I have turned on the audio. It’s easier for me to hear directions than it is for me to read them and for me personally it feels safer. I use the standard female voice. I notice my ratings have dropped from 4.84 to 4.78 . Do you think the weekend crowd was rough or is the voice annoying?

That’s a childish remark. Wow. I have the standard voice for waze and nobody cares. They only care about safety and getting there in a good amount of time.

waze is great for spotting cops and traffic jams. but man that bitch’s voice is annoying and some of their shortcuts are downright cacamamie.

there is like twenty different voices in english, including the Norm Macdonald Colonel Sanders voice, i use it too and people crack up!

I use headphones and just keep one earbud in my left ear so I can hear the passenger if needed. I just use regular plug in earbuds because I let passengers Bluetooth in to the stereo because my aux cords kept shorting out.

It’s comments like these that make me realize why women are so much more comfortable with female drivers. I’m sure you don’t mean any harm, but that’s a pretty offensive comment.

I hear what you are saying , that’s why I said I don’t think you mean any harm. I just think it’s time to look at the way we speak to and about each other and try to do better if we can.

Safely drive with audio navigation voice on? or have to be looking at the screen constantly while driving and paying attention to all of the other distractions on the road? Always safety first. I’ll take the lower rating. Just turn it way down.

I don’t care if people like the voice or not, I always use the voice so I don’t constantly look at the phone unless it’s somewhere close by and both the pax and I know where I’m going. Otherwise, most pax feel better if you use a GPS navigator so you don’t get lost with them in the car.

I really don’t as I drive one of the nicer and quieter rides around here and I’m always polite and chat up the pax who want to talk. The gps voice is the least of my concerns.

We aren’t a limo. Limo drivers silently drive their clients where they need to go and would never use a out-loud navigation. WE AREN’T A LIMO. I’m not wearing a suit. I’m not opening their door. I am not carrying their packages. If they want that, they can call a limo. I have the radio on so the navigation isn’t super apparent. I have had pax say they appreciated knowing what route I was taking because they could hear it too. I say at the start “I am navigating with Waze/Google Maps, unless you have a preferred way”. If they want to go another way, I will go that way, asking them to give me verbal directions with enough advance notice that I can make turns or lane changes safely. I think Pax are just getting pickier and more entitled. It is a little jolt of power to give a driver a rating, and they wield it like a blunt sword. You can only do your best and provide a safe clean efficient ride

As soon as someone gets in the car I tell them that I am going to follow the GPS but if they know a better way than please speak up. I have the voice up and the passenger can hear it too.

I don’t want to hear the directions when I am taking and Uber. It drives me nuts! You can’t carry on a conversation with the constant distraction of the directions. The other day I received an important call while in an Uber and the driver couldn’t even figure out how to turn it off!

Weekend crowd was rough. I like to use the various celebrity voices. Keeps the millennials entertained. They are easily amused.

I wouldn’t play the navigation voice (except for maybe Morgan Freeman’s on WAZE) out loud for the pax to hear, its very annoying and if they’re talking loud or playing music, you might not be able to hear it. Plus even with no music, sometimes they want to talk and having any voice screaming directions would be annoying and get you a lower rating (especially if they were having a romantic conversation!). My phone is mounted on a clip from the visor and the pax can see where the map is going and often make comments or corrections, which I follow. They don’t have, or want, to hear it.


I would 1 star you just for using waze
Man up and use what professional drivers use

Google Maps is not only slow on my Samsung (takes forever to start up after I begin the trip) but it drains my phone battery even though its plugged into a USB power source. I think the professional tool is the one that works.