Do you people find that most people do not tip or am I doing something wrong?


(Chris Stipe) #1

My first ride of the night the Pax gave me a wrapped box of sees candy and a $15 cash tip the ride was $33 I got another ride a block away from from where I dropped off that was $3.75 no tip got another write about a half a mile away from where I dropped the second pax off & it was a short run no tip $5.75 but it brought me closer to my home and then I got a ride back in my hometown of Alameda,Ca going to Union City and he just gave me a $5. tip on the app.

(Jeremy Mwan) #2

They most likely won’t ever see you again, and there is no one watching when it comes time to tip. It makes it really easy to be a cheapskate. It seems like I used to get more tips on the Uber platform before they added in app tipping.

(Cody Parker) #3

Thanks for clarifying I’ve only been driving for Uber a little over four months they already had that tip in the app option. I guess I don’t feel so bad hearing other people talk about the percentages of tips they get.

(Brahim Decker) #4

Most people don’t tip I’ve noticed. Out of the 30 rides the last 2 weekends only 5 people tipped.

(Garrent George) #5

I drove a taxi years ago for over 10 years made pretty good money every night but I didn’t do too well on the Tips after that I drove a tow truck for 15 years and it was about the same as the taxi as far as the percentage of people that tipped. So I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong I talk to people but I tried to read them and if they look like they’re not interested I just stay quiet and let them do their thing on their phone or whatever it is they’re doing.

(Christian Odom) #6

Your not doing anything wrong a lot just simply dont tip. Just the really really nice people do and they are few and far between.

(Lisa Markee) #7

I have plenty of nights where I don’t get any tips and I have pax laughing for entire rides. It’s always the ones I don’t expect it from that give tips. Some areas are better than others for tips. Rich people almost never tip, poorer people almost always do.

(Jack Dolen) #8

Always the people I least expect tips from that tip. Had a guy that was rude asf the entire ride. Told me turn heat off even though it was 20 degrees. Turn music down cuz he wanted it to be silent. Told me not to talk. Then got out slammed my door and walked away without saying anything $20 tip lol. Guy promised a tip cuz his gf was being crazy. Stated it numerous times. No tip lol. People crack me up

(Mark Moore) #9

The the best tippers are waiters and waitresses or other service people. They know what it’s like. I do okay on the airport people too. 35 minutes in a car with someone usually strikes up a good conversation about Uber an Lyft. That’s when I pull my magic. I let the conversation gently role over into the very conversation we are having now and we discuss the evolution of tipping from taxis to Uber etc etc. after we talk about tipping ( without ever making it seem like I was doing it on purpose), I almost always get a 10+ tip. :smiling_imp:

(Bector Ernest) #10

Generally speaking, those in the service industry tip more often but not much and it’s usually after they get off work and are appreciative of a comfy ride.
Those who tip the worst are they ones who can afford it such as attorneys, business owners, and college students who can afford to go out and get shit-faced but can’t throw some monetary appreciation your way. I know that because of where I pick them up and where I drop them off.
But to answer your question, the majority don’t tip. Sad situation, huh?

(Melinda Foster) #11

You can just never tell who will tip. One ride I gave a few months ago was a 13 dollar ride, but each person in the car tipped me. I ended up with a 50 dollar tip on a 13 dollar ride. (3 passengers).

(Jonathan Green) #12

Is a crap shoot honestly on who will tip. As had been started before sometimes it’s the ones you least expect. Had 3 twenty something’s in the car the other night, never expected a tip. (If I don’t expect I won’t be disappointed) woke up the next morning and they had tipped, nothing crazy $5. I’ve mentioned this before but I will again. If they’re from NYC it’s almost a given they’ll throw ya a bone.

(Peter Nelson) #13

Had 17 rides on Saturday night with 2 tips. I don’t expect anything so when it shows up it’s a plus.

(Harold Young) #14

I live where all those people that can afford it come for the winter so I’m not getting gehtto folk that are desperate for a ride. I live in a town full of Bentley’s and Ferrari’s etc… Not that I got one in my garage though :rofl:

(Dennis Scott) #15

Tips i dont expect them. They are greatly appreciated. Learn this and ho about your day and you dont worry. Remember you never know what people are going through. People go through tough times. It will come back to you please be patient. Be humble and kind.