Do you do the future pickups as cash rides outside of the rideshare apps?

Tried Henderson tonight got a very nice and cute girl from the hills I’m hendo $100 cash tip. My last ride of the night Cromwell to the Wynn Chinese guy and his wife great convo $100 tip and I have a strip club drop for tomorrow night! Goodnight

if they order a select they don’t have an issue ordering it again once they’re in the car they order select and boom I get the ping

the pax has 2 minutes to cancel for free. If you’ve ever had the same pax cancel on you over and over they’re probably trying to get matched up to a driver they scheduled a ride with

Pretty sure this is also against TOS but I don’t think anyone been banned for it

No one says that. They say it’s not worth it to buy a select car for rideshare because you take a much bigger hit on depreciation and it’s more expensive to operate.

exactly I never said you make no money I just say get a gem like me I found my first ever car in my name 2014 Cadillac ATS $10k out the door but it was a rare find

Except this group only allows drivers in. And nowhere near enough to make it slow. Only 2450 members.

how many do you let in per day? How many are actually drivers? How many don’t know how to get the orange card? Please…

People quit their full time jobs to do uber and lyft. I resigned from EMS cause I was being paid $11.50 and I would see shit people will never see in a life time now that the slow season is here rn it’s hard but still do able

right, that’s why we are all here. I’m sure though that it definitely encourages people to get out and drive when they see posts from people every day flaunting their strip club kbs or 100$ tips.