Do you consider it unhealthy to always be working?

who in this group find themselves usually driving EVERY single day of the week?
(i mean except emergency)
even if it is just for a few hours or if it is spread out through the day.
which one of us here almost NEVER take a full 24h day off from rideshare business?


I do for about 2 to 4 hours 8 to 12 or a little longer but stick to evenings because everyone going places or coming out of bars, I live in Bethany Beach Delaware

I like it, I have a full time job working front desk in a hotel and work 7am to 3pm today so I called it a night at 10pm last night just so i could function today at my job that pays my bills

so wait that means if you combine your regular job + rideshare = you “work” like +60h every week !!
and you never have whole day off ??? :fearful:

Correct, which it’s ok, my daughter just went down to Florida, she starts college in August and this is for extras and to give her some money when I can

Yeah but I might just take a trip or two in the morning and spend time with friend(s)/family for the remainder of the day.

Well there are during holiday weekends or if there’s a parade but I make sure I get plenty of rest beforehand.

I don’t drive every day, I’d like to but I start a new job on Monday so I’ll really only be driving Friday and Saturday nights

so when you combine both jobs that means you will never have a single day off during the week.

Yes! I have a goal I want to make a night then I stop for the night. I have a plan for this money and I gave myself 4 months to do it so it keeps me motivated.

I think it is unhealthy. When I turn the app off I feel guilty. No life but uber it seems. I even turn down invitations so I can drive.when I die who will remember me…the pax…lol.

I feel guilty too. Like omg how are my pax gonna get home? Maybe if I just take one more ride lol :joy::joy::joy:

Mine too- I start driving for the week in Wednesday- but Monday I start a new job so maybe Uber Sat/Sun- maybe not- we shall see

I work to meet a goal each week. If i make that goal in one day or six days that’s what it takes. If i want or need to purchase something special, i work extra. I work around the weather and my family. I was finding it addictive for awhile, but have no problem taking a full day or two off now and then.

I work 6 days a week 13 hour days. Sundays for family time even God needed a day off

I work a 10-12 hour shift at my other job … Uber keeps me away from the “Honey Do List”

I’m in Panama City Beach area so trust me I feel you about the tourists. I’ve been debating with myself if I just want to drive uber or uber and full time job.

I got a new Sienna a few months ago and just finished moving and am now between two Lyft hotspots. Yesterday was my last day at my, ummm, I’m hesitant to call it my “normal” job–but is the work I’ve been doing since the 90s. Even with the ability to work at any time for Lyft, the other work was on call so it was difficult to try to make both work. So, in the next couple days I’m gonna start back up and go full steam–Lyft only. As to your question: I work hard (over 60000 miles a year) and take some short side projects and volunteer work as well. I usually am fine, but two or three times I’ve hit burnout. I’ve always been able to push through till things normalize workwise, or at least get out of emergency mode, but afterword I crash hard. A day or two is just sleeping and recuperating, then a day relaxing and vegging out, then actually going out a bit for enjoyment–so, maybe 3-5 days. The long vacations seem to make it more difficult to get back on track afterwords.