Do not use AllState for insurance

Highly recommend not using ALLState for insurance, there rideshare program is bullshit. They lie. They do not cover you while you are online. Ive been trying to get my car fixed for 2 weeks and I keep getting the run around.

Lord really i havent driven since i moved from florida to Jersey. I was told i was in a pilot program and it was BS. Called Allstate when i moved here and they were trying to charge me 1000 alone because my policy in florida didnt have bodily injury. Thought i did. I was a new driver so I didnt know. I’ve been waiting my six months so that i could switch to Allstate so that i could start driving again

I was in an accident on the 14th. Just NOW finding out that they are “waiting” to get clearance that I was online when it happened. And the rideshare doesn’t cover you or your car. It only helps pay part of a deductible through lift and or Uber’s insurance. When signing up I I was told I am covered by AllState no matter the circumstances and also I requested rental reimbursement but magically I don’t have that coverage either.

Did you have a passenger in the car when it happened. Allstate is suppose to cover when your app is on and no passengers in your vehicle

What I have been told by other insurance brokers before is that if you are online even if you don’t have a customer in your car then the claim has to go through Uber or Lyft (whichever you were online with)

The way its suppose to work is if you get in an accident with a passenger in the car uber or Lyft’s insurance will cover you. And in the event you have your app on and no passengers and you have an accident then thats when you rideshare endorsement that is part of your auto policy is suppose to cover

State Farm only covers you on app if you get an additional rider on your insurance, at least in my state. However, they do not care if you do rideshare and don’t get the additional rider, they just won’t cover you while you’re logged in. In my state the TNC is required to provide insurance the entire time you are logged in so unless you need comprehensive insurance you don’t need to worry about RS insurance on your personal policy.

I just got in a hit and run Sunday night. They said they won’t cover the medical, but I also have full coverage.

I am not gonna lie, I just had an allstate agent tell me the same thing. He said just don’t tell them that you are doing rideshare :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

I have Foremost. For those that dream be without rideshare coverage you may want to check your policy. Many policies these days exclude rideshare. If you get in an accident they won’t only drop you, they will not pay the claim.

I had Geico for 12 years…called sbout rideshare ins with tjem…they told me i had to have a com policy at 267 a month and if they caught me driving eithout it they would cx me. I saved them the trouble and cxd them

Allstate has a horrible, and I do mean horrible, payment record for all claims. I had to go public with them when they refused to cover 100% of my bills, on a small claim, when it was their customer’s fault (she hit me). The lawyers all told me that suing them is tough because they fight everything, will depose everyone and drag it out so long it becomes too expensive to sue and lawyers don’t want to deal with them.

my sons car was hit in parking lot last month by someone covered by them , they insisted both were at fault so they didnt need to pay the 100% damages . and only paying 50% … they suck , are. rude , and horrible service …

Yep and unless there are injuries, no lawyer will help. I blasted them on their Facebook page and they settled up correctly within 24 hours. That was a few years ago. Twitter may be better for a public thrashing

With all rideshare ins. There are three stages of coverages, online not on a trip, online accepted the trip but in route to place close them up, online on trip with passengers in the car! I use Farmers ins. Rideshare Policy btw

In New York , NO insurance company covers you while signed on . We have to be covered by Uber’s umbrella