Do i need a gap coverage?

Im confused i saw a comment say i need gap coverage…is that the same as rideshare coverage? And does uber provide the tnc coverage or not? How do I find out accurate info because im trying to switch ins. companies and dont want to be locked into some bs w/o the right coverage!

GAP is what u get at the dealer. If ur car is wrecked n u have outstanding loan payments gap coverage pays it off. TNC coverage is the rideshare coverage you want and its just an added endorsement

Uber n lyft cover u when u have a passenger. When ur sitting there online waiting for a ride, on way to pick up pax, or just anytime online with no pax thats where ur TNC comes in and not uber or lyft

You can get GAP insurance from your insurance company and it’s always cheaper than getting it from a dealer because it’s rolled into the loan meaning you pay interest on it buying it through the dealer and GAP insurance covers the difference between the amount the insurance company pays out and your loan balance if the vehicle is totaled out.

I’m still researching Rideshare insurance myself ATM and I believe this is State specific. I’ve contacted an attorney and I’m waiting for his response now.

I know about gap from a dealer… I saw something about gap from the insurance company…i went to allstate and they said they only cover me if I HIT SOMEONE… The tnc is supposed to cover me the rest of the time. While the app is open.