Do anyone notice a sharp fluctuations

Do anyone notice a sharp fluctuations in their LYFT ratings? I went from a 4.91 to a 4.79 in less than a week then it will shoot right back up again. I’m so confused :worried:. Haven’t had any confrontations with passengers or anything. I feel like they need to work on that. Whereas on UBER, my rating in more stable it barely moves. I have a 4.91 on Uber

Same problem to me uber I always high rating but lyft rating system really bad I do not like lyft rating system I hope lyft Chang the rating system soon

They definately need to work on it cuz it makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong. At the end of the week I might have 2, maybe 3 ratings below 5 stars out of 75+ trips a week, makes no sense to me

es I don’t get it everyone I drive seems pleased and I am pleasant and my ratings have dropped from a 4.86 to a 4.8 I don’t get it and they basically took away the power zones what’s up with that?

I sent lyft email to many time till them change rating like uber but they still working on app… I guess they target some drivers because I still get them on the weekend mostly

Yes I sent them an email regarding my ratings too and I had only like 3 ratings under 5 the rest were all 5 I don’t get it how they calculate it it’s horrible. I didn’t get approved for Uber I had a ticket for expired license a few years ago and they did not approve me

When they first came to ny I applied but was denied due to the amount of points on my license, the points went away and I tried again and was denied once again, the trick was, I created a new account and new email and reapplied then I was approved

How ratings are calculated

Your overall driver-partner rating is an average of individual ratings provided by riders from your 500 or fewer most recent trips. This rating is calculated by adding your individual trip ratings (from 1 to 5 stars) together, and then dividing this value by the total number of ratings you’ve received.

What’s not factored in the calculation:

Canceled tripsUnaccepted trip requestsRides where the rider chose not to rate you

Uber says 500. You said app. Im on their website. It says 500 because it is. Nope. And apparently neither did anyone else. Screenshot. Because it is currently tracking my last 500. Well they didn’t specify citys just said last 500. Its just how they do it. Lyfts is nicer because I can have a 5.0 show up when I’m having a 5.0 week. Instead of waiting on a weekly report to show my ratings for the week. But thats only because I do 100 rides a week.

I don’t need to prove anything!!! Not really other then seeing my weekly rating like I said. You are the only one here apperantly seeing that. If not no one seems to know. Im still going with ubers website on this one. They introduce bugs in the app alot that eventually get fixed… The thing that would actually be nice is if they don’t see the driver rating until they have made their rating or are no longer able to do so. So if a driver gave them a low rating for some reason the rider doesn’t just 1 star them because of it.

Uber says when I contacted them they could not change ratings once they have been added. All of these things lyft however allows. On an apple device you can see the amount of ratings in each star. So if your watching it close enough you can see. Unless they updated the app to do away with that. Always something I wanted on android. Problem is on uber it could have been any ride you took that didn’t already rate you. Even the first one since they can hold off rating you until they use another uber.

Lyft rating is just fucked ur if customer give u less then five even one rating u will get to ground

that’s the one reason I don’t care for the 100 rides rating system. but then again ratings for me are only bragging rights… I couldn’t care less if some people down rated me. the bar is so low at least on uber to be deactivated that the only way it would happen is if you actually deserve to be down rated.

If your worried about your ratings, you have psychological issues. Get immediate help. Don’t wait any longer.

Bro if rating goes down ur account will be deactivated so this issue is serious not fun… Ratings don’t pay. Just keep driving

If your ratings drop to a point that they deactivate you, you must really suck at driving. Consider a career working at McDonald’s.