Do anyone know if Uber are allowed to park at airport outside of geofence?

I did a couple of pickups from Airport but all the pings I received was when I was outside of airport geofence however I noticed that they added a new sign that stated Uber Parking. I know our airport is in a geofence because my car disappeared from map when I get close to the terminal also I been seeing a couple of Uber parked on side of road outside of geofence area

That parking on side of road by airport fence won’t last long. Local police & HOMELAND security won’t tolerate that !

Our airport have rule that you can park next to terminal but driver cannot leave their car or it will be instant tow. If you need to use restroom then you best drive in a circle again and park your car in a parking lot or you will find it gone coming out after a quick bathroom break.

If you are inside the geofence you will not receive pings. If you’re wondering if you are inside the geofence, go offline and try to go back online, it will not allow you to return online until you are back outside that area.

I believe our airport is geofenced to about 1/4 miles outward. There been a bunch of Uber drivers parking along side of the road waiting for a ride request.

Today I parked by the road waiting for a ride request. I saw a police drive by a couple of time but they did nothing and ignored me. Also saw a sheriff drove by, again they ignored me and the other Uber drivers that was parked along the side of the road about 1/4 miles outside of the airport.

How has your luck been with getting passengers in Springfield? It seems to be very saturated with drivers right now. I drove in Chicago a while and it’s night and day difference for obvious reasons but I went out some tonight and drivers everywhere with no PAX. How long avg. wait between PAX have you had? Seems like the least wait time is bar close.

Black BMW. We’ll all probably pass each other or see each other around somewhere. I was out at the airport earlier off of EE and a farm road. Seems to be a good spot, off the main road right by the airport. Was hoping that Chicago flight would bring some action but yea no, not doing that again.

I was able to get a couple of airport runs just by waiting at the Flying J truck stop until the other Uber drivers started to park off the street closer to the airport. Yesterday I counted 5 Uber cars on the side of the road around the airport when I drove around to study the layout near the airport

Geeez, saturated for sure. Hope you’re right on it dieing down! I’m over on the south side James river and Campbell-ish, and there’s always at least 8-9 cars on in the area. Couch Uber for the win.

I stayed home last night. Not worth it at $5 an hour. The other can have at it. I’ll try again next weekend maybe.

Wish they’d show the geofence or barrier as to where you can still get requests. In Chicago there was a clear outline on the map showing where request were received. Springfield is so new, all new things will be coming down the line if we can show it’s a city that pays their bills.

Super slow at the airport tonight. Checking the incoming flights, stacked up 15-20 minute intervals. Got a ride in 40 minutes waiting. Next ride 2 hours. $20 total. 5 Uber cars staged and waiting. We need more riders. Haven’t seen a single car with a logo / sticker so far.

You were right about this. I tried it out today and it wouldn’t let me back online until I am outside of the geofence. Also I drove past Republic on the way home since I live on the south side, while passing Republic I cycled offline/online and it let me get online… Guess Uber consider Republic part of Springfield?

Oh one other thing, I noticed a Uber driver with a large Chevy Suburban staging near roundabout when leaving the airport tonight. I wonder what the mpg on that huge thing that he still make money using it to Uber with.

Weird. I wonder where the pickup limitations are for our market. Bolivar is a good 25-30 miles from the city center. I have been out of town and have to leave again tomorrow. Can’t drive any until probably Sunday. Is it still super slow?