Discomfort with the early pings

Feel like I’m being rude in accepting a ride that I am not yet prepared to pick up because I’m still doing business with another person. Its not quite like waiting tables to me. If it was it would be more like handing the bill to the customer with their food. I hate it when that happens to me in a restraunt too. There I am with a full plate of food that I have to eat quickly because they are just trying to get people in and out. They do not value me as a customer. They had no consideration for the fact I might want dessert. I’ve also noticed that getting the bill means that Its not likely that they will return to check on me or refill my drink because they ‘did their job’. The waitresses who do this to me usually recieve a poor tip if at all.

That’s a poor analogy. As drivers we don’t need to continually check up on our clients. We have one job and one job only. Get them from point A to point B. Again, I am more than capable of doing that in a very positive way while also accepting my next client.

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Did any of those rides turn into longer trips than you expected causing the next customer to wait longer than they hoped? That is another concern of mine.

Happens to me as well. You’re not alone. The moment you know that the ride will not end as originally expected. Turn off new rides and do what you gotta do. The pros of the stack are if you have a pax you don’t like and wants you to go somewhere else…"sorry uber already lined up next passenger

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Think of it this way: from the perspective of the next rider, keeping them waiting longer is rude to them too, right? That person might be late or in some uncomfortable position and by not taking the ping you’re making them wait a little longer.

I agree. Quality over quantity does not mesh well with the Uber model when you consider the current rates. The more rides you do, the better for your bottom line. Also, with the rates so low, you get many riders who could give a hoot about the extra quality provided.

Multiple stops, if announced, and are quick drop offs and pickups, you just set yourself offline. Multiple stops, for shopping, you shouldn’t be allowing anyways.

Stacked pings will always be close to your drop off point. That is done intentionally by Uber. The new pax will be informed that you are in the process of delivering your pax. I’ve never had a stacked ping pax, initial rider or secondary rider, complain.

Click on the triple bar, and configure it to go offline when the trip ends, that way you won’t get a stacked ride. But, you’ll have to do this on every trip, it’s not a contiguous config.

What kind of multiple stops, and what time of the day are these happening? If they are making multiple stops, are you having them change the destination address? As to leaving items behind in your car, I always, ALWAYS, towards the end of the trip, get the pax’s attention and ask them to make certain they have phones, wallets, purses, personal effects are gathered up. That way I don’t have to backtrack and potentially lose money from a missed trip.

I stop new requests immediately after accepting each ride, even before get to the pax. This way I make sure my next trip wont be a non-surge or boost trip.

If you’re driving during a surge, that is counterproductive. You may get a stacked surge ping while driving. But if you have app off, by the time you log back in, surge may be over.

I think it’s rude and it irritates me as well, but I just adjust my volume accordingly. I’ve had a few passengers ask me about the ping sound. One weekend night in Athens, Georgia I had 3 passengers backed up waiting because of those early pings. It was crazy. And it was my second day driving for Uber.

I feel the same way you do (I started a similar topic a few months back) about it and wish I could disable it. I also find it distracting and thus a bit more unsafe. Most people seem to like it though.

I know that with UberEats, you can tap the menu in the upper left corner then just sign off or click stop new requests depending on the type of OS you are running while on the current trip. I do it often. I’m assuming the same is true for the other platforms.

I agree. Probably 90% of my surge rides are from stacked pings. Even if I am driving around in a red cloud with no pax I almost never seem to get a ping except from out of the surge zone and if I am outside the red cloud and drive into it, the cloud disappears just before I get there.