Did any of you receive email about regulation change?

So I got this email from Uber today . Before open the Email, it said. Please confirm your mailing address… We’re sending something your way ! Regulation change … so I open the mail . So I click on update your address. Soon as I sign in to my account, I get a text from Uber . That I just signed in from a different location, Wesley Chapel, different IP address and from safari. If it was not me please change password. So I change my password, and I called Uber. I ask them if there send the Email , there said no . There told me to take a screenshot and send it to them , they told me to attach it to a email there going to send me . 6 hr later there still didn’t send me a email.

Click on the “Uber” email address, so you can see the actual email address it came from. What’s it say?

Curiosity be not sure if matters but I’m thinking Uber would be capitalized. Going to look right now myself

I posted same email earlier today in a different group, some say they got it some say they didn’t

if u get this kind of email instead go in your uber driver app and check the profile to be sure and do not click on links from in any email its best to be safe by going to uber ‘s website or uber apps only

Yeah , when uber got hacked , there stole all drivers info . Cellphone numbers and so on . Uber said there didn’t get our SS# , right bud yet there where trying to hide it .

I did too but did not verify just sent note to Uber to ask if they sent email I got no response

This looks like an email I got back last April, I think. I got it because the county I live in required uber and Lyft drivers to put up decals. The email I got included my correct address and only ask i click on a link if it’s incorrect.

Now i’m thinking i should cash out every night after i’m done . Not once a week .

Ever since I got that BS “Pull over and verify your identity” call, I cash out almost daily. Thank God I didn’t give those a-holes any info.

It’s for the new trade dress. It says in the last sentence on your second picture to allow 1-2 weeks for your new decal.

It appears no one really knows what this is about, some say it’s a Phishing trap, some say it’s actually Uber, regardless if I get a new decal or not, it’ll probably be thrown away

When I open the email, and hit update your address. I had to sign in to my account. And I got hacked right there and then , Uber send my a text instantly. Uber ask if I signed in from a different city , if not change password now . I got hacked . I called Uber right after , there said they didn’t send the email.

I think it’s legit. Sometimes if you’re on WiFi, it’ll show you’re somewhere else. When I login at the school I teach at, it think I’m in Montgomery, AL, which is a solid 6 hours away. UBER support doesn’t ever have a clue what’s going on so I wouldn’t go by what they say.

The first thing you should do with any emails is check where the link actually is going too

Right i did the same thing , but i called Uber right after . there said there didn’t send no Emails out