Definitely need to get out and stretch

Ok does anyone else’s legs feel like jello when you get done driving? Or the top of you head feels like crazy pressure? I have done 160 rides since I started almost a month ago and I can barley walk when I get home and out the car. I guess my body is still trying to get use to this new adjustment.

You need to be more proactive about your health and stop taking new request - every two hours! Stretch and walk for 30-mins (not sit down and eat).

Well , 160 in a month isn’t TOO bad for a rookie at driving…LOL … now Jennifer Leone, you just need to “suck it up buttercup”…LOL!, Now I’ve only been doing rideshare for just under 3 months and have only done around 1200 trips so far

Oh my God I had to laugh when I read your message because that’s exactly how I feel when I get out of my car I feel like I’ve been riding a horse for 10 hours

You need to get out of you vehicle more often. Sitting all day is not good. Try to get out and do a few laps around your car maybe stretch a bit and some squats to get the blood flowing.

Also go inside and eat or at a park. Dont eat in your car!! Change your environment and stretch.

Okay maybe I’m wrong but do you notice a pattern? Haha. All the women experience this and the guys keep telling us to take breaks every couple of hours. :joy: lol

Yup I feel that way too. When I started i drove for 10 hours or so and almost fell down when I got out my truck. Now I take breaks to stretch and smoke.

I drove truck for 16 years. I’d get a shaky, jittery feeling at the end of the day. I get the same feeling when I put in a lot of hours in a day with my car now.

Are you talking to me? I don’t like energy drinks. I do take coffee with me though. Its maybe a 16 ounce tumbler sized thermos cup. Sometimes I drink it all. Sometimes I don’t. I associate my shakes and jitters to the mere fact of banging down the crappy roads. Creates a lot of vibration.

stretch especially after every hour that your on the road. This has helped me to drive longer and also not feel the side affects of cramped driving all day.