Declined all pool rides to see the difference on my earnings

(Anderson Lee) #1

Today I declined all pool rides to see how much difference it would make on my earnings. I declined around 15-20 pool rides and just accepted the uber x. I worked the same amount of time during the same time of day. I made $60-70 more than average. I received more in tips and the day didn’t feel rushed. No more pool or seats for me. Not worth the trouble.

(David Smith) #2

First smart post I have seen all day… Congrats! 1.5 years Uber / Lyft and I VERY seldom take one… It has litteraly been like 6 months since my last one and that was by accident lol.

(Kimberly Nelson) #3

I wondered about this myself—thanks for confirming my suspicions.

(Amanda Halen) #4

I hate pool express, it’s not safe to just pull over on a corner wherever.

(Brendan Halai) #5

The only time that I’ll ever do Pool again is if it’s a 2.0 or higher Surge. I’ve even stopped chasing Quests which require Pool and am making as much or more on my own, unrushed time.

(Trish Richardson) #6

They do deactivate people for doing this if you drive an X and it does affect your rating
they just haven’t gotten around to you yet.

(Operating System) #7

Uber removed “acceptance rate” from the app and they say acceptance rate no longer effects your account.

I hate driving pool. I have a nice minivan (many people ask it it’s new and I get lots of compliments) and I provide a car service level of service. When I drive pool I feel like a bus driver. I’ve had more problems with pool rides and have you ever gotten a tip on a pool ride? No? Uh huh.

(Greg Poprik) #8

Before they redid the app drivers were able to check of if you wanted to do pool or not then check it on if you wanted to do them later, now that you cant opt in or out i refuse all pool rides, their not worth the money or aggrivation.