Deactivated from Uber and have no idea


I was deactivated bthis morning from Uber and have to get a precise reason why. I had numerous issues with the app this weekend and even called and reported it. One representative said it was fraudulent by gps. I logged in and imediately received a notification I logged in on a new device in a different state. I was in PA and registered MD. As the night went on I would accept trips and then all of sudden they cancelled themselves. It wasn’t me or the rider either as one cancelled as he was getting in the car. Another rep said multiple accounts. I went and retrieved my wife’s phone and logged in from there to see if it was my phone or them. I had no issues at all yesterday and then wake up to deactivated. I have a 4.96 ratine only 1 negative feedback as I made a trip short due to an extreme emergency at home. That same night I had to report an incoherent rider that I could not wake up. I had to get the police and fire rescue to respond to remover her from car. That there along cost me over an hour of my time as she passed out as she was leaving the car and I ended the trip. Customer support keeps sending the same generic deactivation letter with no true reason . Can anyone possibly assist with ideas? Thanks

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It seems like somebody hacked your Uber account and now logging in through the Uber driver app. I would suggest changing the password, if it’s possible after the deactivation, or change the email on the account. Also, check for any changes to the bank account info on the Uber account.

Your best bet would be to go to an Uber Greenlight Hub or whatever they call their support center for drivers in your area. I don’t think over the phone customer service or email would be of any tangible help.


Thanks for the response. I changed my password each time. I am gonna go to a Hub when I have time. Their hours are horrible for 9-5 workers. Everything else I have been monitoring and they are in the up and up. I also had trips cancelling out of the blue for no reason on Saturday. One even cancelled as I was picking up my ride and he was quite mad obviously. Thanks again

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I’m really sorry for what you’re going through. I hope it gets resolved soon!

Keep us updated if possible.


Will do. Thanks again

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It shouldn’t have given you the calls in the first place as if you look in your account you will see you are assigned to an area and it will show you on a little map of how much you cover. The system more then likely gave you the call and then couldn’t find you in your zone cancelling you. If you go out side that area you need to log onto your account and change your area. When you get back home you need to change it back. I do believe I read all of this when I read the Uber Partners page or Uber Guide. I really suggest that evey driver reads it as as well to help you understand the job. Nobody is hacking your account.

Good Luck
Ex Uber Driver


Thanks for the input. My account was hacked . Someone was using my login info in California and Maryland. I live in Pennsylvania. I was able to find this out from Google. My email was being used in those 2 states at the same time of the Uber issue. I showed Uber the Google logins and it didn’t matter they wouldn’t reinstate me.

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Uber customer service is pathetic. I went to a green light hub once as I needed to reactivate my account as it was deactivated due to a missing knowledge test which I had already taken.

I use two phones, one just for driving so that any personal calls won’t bother me. The guy on the front desk asked me for the phone number which I didn’t remember as I rarely use my work phone. I told him that I don’t remember the number and let me call on my personal number and get the number for him.

That guy rudely started lecturing me about using two phones and told me that people use two phones to cheat the system and I would be deactivated permanently if I was caught cheating. White guy, racist undertone.

It was so awkward for me as if I am brown and use two phones I should be threatened. These people should be trained better. We work hard and bring in money for these people. Driving is a very high-risk job.