Customer slams my door

For every customer that slams my door of my car will get one star

They will. We have to rate them right away. They will see it before they rate us… You rate them a 5, then change it to 1 next morning.

A customer crack the window of my Lincoln all because they were upset with their spouse I reported it to Uber that he told me to call my insurance company my insurance company told me it was their fault they should be able to cover it so now I’m being taking in circles with Uber I had to use my Chevy Cruze to do my Uber runs now I have to wait to do black car again so is this fair to me?

No it is not…but that is the way the ride share companys want it…denigh and direct…classic gottcha tactics…EVIL.

I usually have to get out and shut it closed 20 ft ahead when my car starts pinging that my door isn’t shut! I have never had anyone slam my doors, for real!

h hell no, that’s when I’d get out and scream in their face. In this guy’s case that would have been a fight

I give 3 and 4 stars for that. Just because it’s NOT your car doesn’t mean slam my door smh wtf? :angry:

I just bought a truck and the door closes very loudly. Took me a bit to get used to it. Some just close easier than others.

I know I understand when folks don’t mean it but he was already in a heated conversation with somebody so instead of him just closing my door he slammed it and shattered my glass

Oh shit, yeah I’d bet you’d get reimbursed similar to a spill charge but it shouldn’t come to that.

Child lock and you get out and open the door. No more cudtiner slamming…Never had my door slammed

I don’t know what it is about slamming doors but I have to remind my grandchildren all the time to not slam the door and my family members please do not slam my doors I just want to get out at open the door for everyone and close it because eventually the door won’t close it messes up the locks

Thats rude. 1 star means your loosing pax if u rate 1 star you wont see them again i always open my doors for pax. Not only that but if your having a bad attitiude it reflexs on pax ratings. Happy ubering.

I’ve done 400 trips between Uber and Lyft and only gave 2 bad ratings. One for an idiot opening up the car door before the car was stopped and keeping it open after I asked him to wait and another for loud blaring offensive hip hop.

I drive a Ford Fusion. The Rock himself couldn’t slam the door hard enough to break a window. wth are you driving?

Don’t like that just I don’t like them leaving the windows down or if using the front seat leaving it tilted way back. I give them 1 star and below 4 cause they don’t pay anything for my car and I feel pissed when they do that

Dumb. Ask them not to slam it. Some doors have to be shut hard. I have a Jeep and they wind up having to open and close again. Just ask them before they exit if you want it done a certain way. Or better yet, one star them, and give your money to someone else.

My backdoors are heavy, so it’s already a car shaking thud.