Customer service tip for Uber and Lyft drivers

Here is a customer service tip for today. Most smartphones have the ability to store quick messages for quick easy text messages. Here are a couple that I use. If the ping is more than five minutes away and their pick up location is ambiguous, I send this:

Hi, James, your friend with a car here. Please let me know what building or business you are at to help me find you. I’ll be driving up in a white Saturn Ion. See you soon!

If toes aren’t curbside when I arrive, they get this:

Hi. This is your Driver James. I have arrived and I’m waiting right outside of the address provided.

If I have waited more than five minutes, this:

Hi there. James with Uber here. I am sorry I missed you. Please re-request your ride when you will be ready for pickup within the time noted.

For the most part, it has reduced the number of last minute cancels, and my find rate is nearly 100%. Some folks, though, use foreign phone numbers so this doesn’t work, but it sure helps.

Nah too much work. That’s what’s the apps for. Get your butt outside before I arrive. If your not out in 5 minutes from when you’ve been notified. Thanks for the inconvenience fee

Nope. They know the rules. I’m not gonna text before or after. Ridiculous!
I’m not their mommy!

I send text messages as well. Uber and Lyft states that you should make contact. I believe it’s a good practice.

I thought LYFT is the only one that you are required attempted contact

Neither one requires it. You get paid when you wait and cancel. No call is necessary.

Lyft does require it. You can’t cancel unless you call.

Hey, it’s just a suggestion to improve customer service. I know many of y’all don’t care about that, but this is for those who do. Too much work? Puh-leeze…

I’m in SF and these tech people know better tho.
It’s insulting to baby them.
But thanks for the tip.

It’s very nice of you actually!!!

I do text them when I know they are in a shopping center and pin point the store or restaurant. I also give them a text at the 2 or 5 minute mark . That makes a time stamp that I have waited the allotted time.

Having them pre-saved makes it easier to shoot off at a light.

I have one saved for the airport to make sure they’re in departures.
That’s a big problem if you get there and they’re downstairs in arrivals.

The app notifies them of your arrival.
They know they called a car.
They need to be looking for us, not the other way around.
Or they will miss their ride.
If they start expecting a text from the driver, they won’t pay attention.
It just makes them like a little baby who can’t do anything for themselves.
Just my opinion.
I been driving 2 years and always get paid whether I text anyone or not.

Nice post and great tip…will be using this.

Also I appreciate the few of us that are trying to make this business venture more seamless and profitable with constructive dialogue.

Every time I get on here it’s " Uber doesn’t care about us, they’re killing our cars, they’re killing us, Uber wants us to die, why isn’t gas free, one pax actually tried to talk to me, etc" #nochill :joy::joy::joy:

Uber really doesn’t care tho lol We are just dispensable tools to make them richer.

yes, that’s the point. We’re contractors. DirectV didn’t start for the love of their contract installers.

Uber job is to promote the brand and make sure their pax are happy while abiding with local government regulations.

Your job is to increase your per hour earnings as much as possible while using the Uber platform.

Not saying they’re perfect, just a business.

None of us would be here without greedy rich people - from your car, to your job, your precious iPhone, heck even this here Facebook.

I’ve never been given a job or offered a money making opportunity by a poor person.

Hi, your _______ driver ________ has arrived.

Your ride request has been cancelled. The system only allows Drivers 5 mins to pick up passengers. If you still need a ride, please re-request when you are ready for pickup.

But that’s a lie. You can wait as long as you want. 5 minutes is the minimum to collect a fee. Passengers aren’t stupid.

@jerry it is a stretching of the truth, not a lie. The system (Lyft/Uber) requires us to wait 5 mins. So saying that the system only allows 5 mins is a nicer way of saying that you are only going to wait the allotted time that you are required.

I don’t know about you, but I am here to make money…asking a driver to wait longer than 5 mins is disrespectful of their time.

5 mins is more than enough time for them to get curbside.