Customer don't tip the drivers

It’s simply pathetic that many uber eats customers don’t tip the drivers. Do these people not tip restaurant waiters, bartenders, Starbucks baristas or bellman in hotels?

You know they don’t have to tip right. Or it’s a requirement I though tipping was optional

It says “no need to tip” in the welcome instructions. Don’t be a sucker and drive Uber eats. Simple. Who gives a shit make your money smarter not harder stay away from uber eats.

Tip or no tip as long as you don’t drive to far to the restaurant it’s easy money. Only upside to uber eats is they count towards your bonus , and an opportunity to get a quick bite if your hungry

You’re suppose to tip Starbucks baristas? when I worked at a grocery store, we weren’t allowed to take tips from people anyway

Right…I don’t tip them…they’re getting the about the same amount as a cashier at a grocery store right? I don’t tip them either. Waitresses are getting below min wage most cases so they depend on tips. My point wasn’t about being allowed to take tips. My point was, if you’re making at least minimum wage, I’m not tipping you.

I wonder what makes Starbucks baristas special to the point that people think they should be tipped… I tip them sometimes when they are all bubbly and make my morning better.

Talked with a pizza delivery friend of mine about this and he says we should be getting tipped. My buddy gets $8 hr plus tips. But I’ve only had one delivery so far so experience in that arena is not that much. Delivery fee goes to the pizza place

Pizza delivery fees are $2-$5 they are paying Uber minimum $5. While yes I wish they would tip, when ami get $10 to drive a meal to someone’s house I understand why they don’t give more. Many pizza places do give the fee to the drivers or split it. Those that don’t pay drivers hourly give them the fee. Others split the fee as they have to reimburse drivers for the mileage they drive. Now some places don’t do either and they are fuckin thieves. Lol and should be reported

I was connecting the two because they are basically the same thing. Instead of the business hiring drivers themselves they’ll use us to do it to keep their overhead down. How much of an overhead does Uber have concerning drivers? And when you think about it who don’t you tip as a general rule? Pizza or food delivery, a valet, the bellhop get a tip most every time they deliver something. I can’t think of all of them. But most places the garbage man and the postal worker don’t get tipped. Don’t use new York as a test example or Europe because those two are oddballs in this issue. NY they tip the cockroaches, and in most, if not all of Europe it’s included with the bill. For me at least in the hypothetical example you’d think they throw the person a couple bucks. Now, I don’t cry if I don’t get tipped but as a general thing I think we should.

Quit complaining, you probably don’t tip either when you out in these restaurants too. As a matter of fact I’m a good tipper, I worked in the service industry for so long and appreciate hard workers

If you can’t afford to order food and tip the delivery person that brings your food to you…don’t order. Sorry, just saying. I dont expect tips but they are appreciated. You will enjoy your job better if you follow that rule. I enjoy my job.

No tips here in Detroit. I have delivered to rich and poor. No tips - ever!

People are tipping less and less since Uber added tip to app… Tipping is optional

Can taxis limos in your towns drive for Uber and Lyft or any other rideshare cause in Louisiana Lyft allows it

I’ve worked at a pizza place that gave me the deliveries. :grin: but it was a local place