Craziness yesterday

Craziness yesterday…

  1. Had a drugged out guy try to get into my car asking me if I was looking to “get straight”. He was furiously lifting my handle. Luckily I locked my door in time!
  2. Had pax put in wrong pool destination then his buddy got PISSED and called me a “Fucking Bitch” over and over when I wouldn’t take them to a location unless it was through the Uber app.
  3. Had a drunk guy pass out in my car and had to physically shake him awake. He spilled his drink (luckily just water) during the ride, and when he got out of the car he fell against the sides of my car repeatedly trying to walk into his hotel. Reminded me of my ex actually…
  4. A very drunk girl saying she was sneaking away from her friends to get with her controlling ex boyfriend she hasn’t seen in 6 months who abuses and beats her and that her shrink says to stay away from.
  5. Rushed (well drove) dying? man and his friends to the emergency room. I don’t know how bad off the guy was really, but my first Uber ER trip.
  6. 3 very drunk guys arguing about the destination. 2 wanted to go home. But the one with the phone wanted Denny’s so it was Denny’s! I go where the app says.

I️ kicked someone out on Halloween in the middle of freedom parkway for saying
“he would stab me in the back and I would never see it coming “:woman_facepalming:t4:
And No No boo you can’t get out at a safe place , bc I️ don’t feel safe right here, right now . Bye .

He did it once I swiped completed trip. They realized the destination wasn’t what they wanted and wanted me to take them in a second much further trip that wasn’t their destination. They couldn’t change the destination because it was pool, and I didn’t want to do some extended ride with surge rates going up. They were a 1.7 surge. Right after I swiped completed trip it was a 3X surge.

What times are you driving? it’s the first time I drove 2am to 5am. I think it is the career drunks/druggies who stay up that late! Or actual emergencies / planned sneak outs! No one should be up then.

I’m a newbie and sister taught me…you can can take them to the bars but don’t take them home due to experiences like this… oh my! Yeah karma is a b! I’m glad u put them out and you did so smooth! Lol

My late nights always go smooth my first year 3pukers one white guy calling me the N learned how to identify people before they get in your car and if they are drunk at stop light I always turn on inside lights and look at people you can tell a puked :face_vomiting: you and you also have to know when to put you foot down and let the know you will fuck them up but nicely lol

it really didn’t go badly. The drugged out guy didn’t get in the car, the angry name caller got out pretty quickly, abused girl was advised not to go to abusive boyfriends (but did anyway), sick guy got to the ER alive, fighting guys got breakfast whether they wanted to or not, Passed out guy finally stumbled far enough from the car for me to drive off. I got paid. No one puked in or damaged the car so nothing really went wrong. Just was crazy pax from 2am to 5am Thanksgiving morning.

So many things you did wrong. Half of this could’ve been prevented. I was driving but since you really want it, here it goes… #1 the drugged out guy…don’t know how someone is pulling on your door handle asking you anything if there’s gas in your tank and the car is running.

How? How could I have prevented a single one of those things other than by canceling the rides or not driven at that time? Still waiting on how I could have prevented any of that…

pax put wrong destination on pool, your fault for taking pool. Then his friend called you a bitch, your fault you didn’t put him out the first time he did it so he called you that over and over.:woman_shrugging:t4: 3 drunk guy passed out…
Still picking up drunks???

Drove a DYING MAN to ER. Your first ER trip. You are not an ambulance and you are lucky he didn’t die in your car. If they have an uber app, they certainly have 911 abilities. Drunk people again. No you’re not a fast learner I see…:roll_eyes: And lastly, I stand corrected, you couldn’t have prevented half, YOU COULD HAVE PUT A STOP TO ALL OF THAT SHIT!

girl u can’t tell these drivers a damn thing! This the same lady who lets pax use her kids booster seat, take elementary ages kids to school, and drop the baby off over dads because the parents having issues!

so basically your answer would have been to cancel on everyone. Cancel the 2am drunks, cancel the ER (like that would prevent a lawsuit!!!), and physically force an irate guy out of my vehicle. Don’t think I’ll be taking that advice! Oh! And don’t ever accept pool. So my fault for taking requests too! LMAO

Not sure where the lawsuit came in. Physical force not needed, remove keys, exit vehicle,dial 911, simple. You don’t have to cancel drunks, just stop picking them up and complaining about it… wait out your timer OR CANCEL.

if I accept a request and then don’t let them in the car with Uber that is canceling. Exiting the vehicle and calling 911 would have made the problem worse. He was leaving the vehicle, if it looked like he was staying I would have don’t that, but he did seem to be moving in the direction of leaving. If I knowingly refuse to offer my services to people who need a ride to the hospital and that leads to complications from their delayed treatment I can certainly be sued for it. A jury/judge will be sympathetic to him, not me in that case. There is nothing that says we should refuse to transport people who need medical help. People do get sued for refusing their normal services to people in medical need of them. I wasn’t so much complaining, as telling about the early Thanksgiving craziness I experienced as an Uber driver. Nothing really went wrong, just lots of things that could have.

If You can look at “The Points” with a open heart and mind, You will Understand. Or you will just learn from Experience. Not All Money=Rides are Good Money/Rides, THAT’S ALL!
Not to shoot you Down, But Helpful Advice…

Drunks are Ok, Liabilities a Different story…
I some of these drunk pax should not even call for an uber if they are not in their right mind. Being belligerent and getting sick in someone else’s vehicle is unacceptable. Yeah, I know and Understand! But if someone was to pass out and don’t wake up, that would probably take alot out of me. Much less, the liability on your shoulders when the law gets involved. Nobody’s telling you what to do, Just to Be Mindful of the situations you’re getting yourself into before hand.