Couldn't get rid of the stench

I had a family in my car. The husband sat right next to me, and he reeked. It was terrible. Later that night at home, I don’t know if it was in my head, but I still smelled it. I literally stopped where I was, dropped to the floor, and rolled back and forth on the carpet multiple times as if I caught fire.

You’re going to have fun. Wait until one of your riders spew their gullet contents all over your seats and floor. There’s an odour for confined spaces.

I had a chick that smelled like a 3 pad smoker who hadn’t bathed in a week. It was all I could do to keep from vomiting.

Recently I had a group of drunk guys, from a rural area south of me known for extreme drinking, and by the smell I could tell at least one of them had called Earl recently. I looked them over, made sure none of them actually had Earl with them that could get all over my van, and they were clean, but they sure did stink. Long ride too. Glad when it was over, and the smell left with them.

I’ve been aware of the euphemism ‘pickled’ meaning drunk since I saw Dumbo as a child. Never gave it much thought… now that I’m driving, it makes perfect sense. Drunks smell like pickles! Even from the backseat, all vinegary and warm! Blechhhh! Oh and the combination with useless mint cover up; even worse!

I think I’d almost rather deal with body odor then way too heavy of cologne and cigarette smoke… I literally get horrible migraines for days if people smell too much like smoke or if there colognes too heavy. I was sick for three days last week, throwing up… I know it’s from the strong synthetic colognes and smell of smoke.

I’m just really Sensitive to it. It sucks. I can literally smell it lingering in my car permanently. Started feeling sick today after four hours… Please people, you don’t need to wear that much stuff!!!

However I had an interesting experience the other night… I was taking a guy to work at a restaurant and he smelled like cat food, really really strong like wet cat food. That was gross.

My favorites are the ones going to work who smell like they need to stand a bit closer to the shower, and then spray in cologne/perfume like that’s going to be better. Even better when a woman with the above then breaks out scented lotion in the back and starts liberally applying.

Yep, it was weed, to me it smells like a cross between Heineken and skunk. Had a chick the other day, she was whispering, rather loudly, on the phone that’s shes so stoned and doesnt want the driver to know. I’ve driven her several times now, to work and to her bf’s house.

Fast forward to I start driving a Uber. I’m picking up people in a maybe not great part of town. One of those sections of the city that at one time was really nice, it went bad, and now people are trying to clean it up. I keep smelling this odor from quite a few pax and I think ok so maybe it’s a cultural thing. Don’t think anything of it.

A couple of pax it’s really strong and the one guy ended up being a pretty regular pick up. I’m chatting with the guy. I say it’s interesting that a lot of my pax seem to like the same air freshener at their houses.

Haha. Don’t feel bad. When I first smelled weed about 15 years ago I thought it was some kind of cologne…

Gross… to say i don’t do well with bad smells is an understatement. I just can not handle some foul smells, i get nauseous. I can think of a bad smell and and get the heaves. Friday night i picked up a couple, she was huge, 350… she had something going on man… she stunk. It was a combo of pee and i dont know, im guessing something that would require a gynecologist to fix.

That’s gotta suck, I’ve never had one as bad as that in my van. Though I’ve had a few places that I’ve delivered pizzas to(different job) that when they’ve opened the door the stench was so bad that I’ve gagged a few times.

I just reach down there, pull the trigger and shoot it towards my shoes. The vent system pushes it around the car. Kills the smell for me immediately, and since skunks can’t smell themselves, usually people comment on how they like the air freshener.