Corrections officer or an Uber or lyf driver

Hey I’m thinking about becoming an uber or lift driver when I move back to ft. Worth. I am currently a security guard making $8.50 an hour. After taxes I bring home $212 a week. I dream of owning a home one day. What can I expect to make in dfw full time say 60 hours a week? It’s either this or become a corrections officer.

Don’t do it it will take everything you got not to put your hands around some pax :joy: Take the corrections officer job.

There’s a learning curve, so I would just do it part time until you’re familiar with when/where the best places/times to drive are. Also, you may not know, but you’ll have to claim your untaxed earnings at the end of the year, and will significantly owe state and federal taxes.

It’s going to be tough doing 60 hours per week, but if you do you may be able to make what you need. I make roughly $15-20/hour. If you make at a minimum $15 @ 60 hours you’ll make $900/week;$3,600/month. You just Need to make sure you get a fuel efficient vehicle and make sure you calculate gas and maintenance into everything. And make sure the are you’re moving into is busy for Uber/Lyft

acouple questions you need to consider.

Is your car reliable enough to be your main source of transportation and be your money maker?

Say you get into a wreck or have a major expense on your car. What’re you going to do for work then?

thisxibility is better money than $8.50/hr…for some its not a long time career, for others it’s their golden egg…in your position, i would do it full time and then some. rack up that money, and with the schedule flexibility, figure out what it is you wanna do in the long run. good luck!

Take the correction officer job. Uber part time until your more comfortable and making money. Then you can decide what you want to do at a later time. Uber is suppose to be a side gig but some do make it work full time. Just don’t go jumping in blind for full time. Check out the Uber Driver 101 page with helpful information and tips as well

I don’t agree with these guys. It won’t hurt anything to try driving for Uber. If you are moving anyway and you have to change jobs, you could do a bit of ride share driving while you are job hunting. Nobody will come right out and tell you what they are making but I don’t think your goals are unreasonable.

Since you’re questioning things, I’d advise you to gain stability first; a decent wage, benefits, and and a parachute. Do rideshare evenings and weekends, use this as your get ahead money–pay off the actual costs from it, beyond that, just invest it for now & hope you don’t need it for an emergency. Let your nestegg grow. You should get to a point one outgrows the other. Best to ya.

I think you have to go with your gut, but I will share something with you, at the beginning of this year I decided to leave a job I was at for 10 years to be at home with my family. While I was looking for a full time position, I did Uber full time, doing it because you have to have that :moneybag: to survive is very taxing and stressful. Once I started working full time with for the USPS, I still did Uber and I really have a blast with it. Now mind you I have set goals for what I would like to make a week, but if it is a little slow and I fall a little short, it is disappointing but not the end of the world. What I am telling you is a couple three bad weeks in a row could ruin you financially. Now that is my opinion only. With me being in DFW AREA working only Uber, just about every week I hit my goal if I put in the time. I will tell you my goal is 450 a week and l go online 3 to 4 nights a week and almost every Sunday for 8 to 12 hours.

I’m in dfw too… It is doable. Fort worth isn’t as busy, but, i would print out cards/fliers with your code to pass out and place around town… Then you get additional money from the referral and help get business busier in your area…

Damn 212 a week is unbelievable… You couldn’t even rent a 1 bedroom shack here for $848. I would drive for both uber and lyft while you become a corrections officer.

You might could rent a shack in parts of Denver, but you’d never qualify for apt managers that demand gross income of 3x the rent, which is common. Nationwide average for FT Uber drivers is $15/hr before taxes and expenses. (PT avg is $22/hr because driver can focus on most lucrative time slots)

This isn’t a full time gig for me …
go to school to be a corrections officer while you Uber/Lyft …
This isn’t a full time gig

Be a corrections officer. There you’ll earn a good living and get benefits. Better pay with a retirement. Uber and Lyft will send you to the poorhouse fast. I’m a ft driver and it gets super old. It’s hard to want to work after awhile

I’m not sure if you mean to try it full time instead of security officer work, or to supplement security officer work after you move. If you’re moving regardless of having a job in place first, you could certainly give it a shot while you look for other work, and there’s no reason you couldn’t try Uber out while you work towards the corrections officer job (or, other alternatives if that’s not something you really really want to do). Make some backup money until you get there. IMO one of the best things about Uber is that you can do it when you want/need to and then leave it when you want.

Corrections…or you could marry the two and just take down your pax with tear gas when they get out of hand. Some of the cougars would dig the handcuffs and your baton

Rides are is a great supplement. But if you do it full time there is much to consider. Keep detailed mileage and maintenance records for taxes. All of that is extra work. You can get health insurance independently. Maintain your vehicle, it’s essential! Keep a financial cushion in case of loss of use. My neighbor was bragging about making 17k but later I found out his transmission died. Another driver told me he replaces his vehicle every year.

Rideshare is a temporary solution, great for side income not as your main resource of income. When this industry is really established nationwide then it would be something different to consider until then you have two choice struggle and get by or do this sparingly, result may vary depending on the city or market you are deciding to drive in.

Do the corrections officer and clock over time and if they cut the over time then log on to uber part time. You get what you put into it. I make 100 a day in Indianapolis. Most of the time i make more depends on if i want to stay out