Coronavirus Impact on Demand

Has anyone else been seeing impact on demand and customer usage over fears of the coronavirus? Would love to hear some insight from all of you to see how things are going around the US, so if you could give your state next to your insight that would be great! In Ohio I have already seen a slow down, even though the virus isn’t even in the state.

I’ve stopped driving. I have no assurance who’s getting in my vehicle and what their health is.

I drive in Western Washington state and trips have all but dried up. I’m still going to go out, but only for tax purposes. $30 a day isn’t worth it, but until the authorities ban all travel, I have to try. I’m not scared of the virus and I sanitize my car regularly. What I am scared of is the long term impact this is going to have on our lives going forward.

My calls for rides from both Uber and Lyft are definitely down this week by about 33%. Here is San Diego county