Conversation with pax

“So uber is matching tips today to double your tips right?”
“I want to give you a $10 tip, so I’ll give you $5 and uber will give you the other $5”

Really guy? Uber didn’t just create this promotion so pax could only pay half the tips and make my tips the same as normal anyways. So now it’s got me wondering how my other pax are using this thought process.

Cheapskate. I understand that he doesn’t have to tip at all, but the way he did it just seems cheap.

So…if I give my friend a ride and he tips me 50 bux, Uber will match 50 and then I can split it with my friend and have dinner on Uber?

Or you could get like 5 or 6 friends to all tip you $100. Then take your extra $500-$600 and buy a gun. Then you can hate on Uber’s gun policy by saying “uber bought me a gun”. Lol Interesting. I’m surprised uber didn’t set a cap on how much they will pay

$100 or double the fare. So it can go over $100 if the fare is high enough. ok cool so I’ll give my friend a ride to the east coast and back and then we’ll hit vegas

once you cross state lines you can’t restart. Only problem with that. But hey. Just take a long drive until 4am. Drive to the border and back over and over. Then about 3:55am, end the last trip. Max tip on all. Win.

Cheap cheap people my god. Never knew how bad it really was til I started doing rideshare. Been a server before and dealt with cheap people before.But nothing like this. Its amazing

I had 13 pax this morning and not one tip unfortunately I live in an area that’s very diverse in culture and 80% of my pax are of other Ethnicity and they don’t believe in tipping I’ve actually had one guy say he pays for the service so he doesn’t need to tip…don’t get me wrong Uber is in high demand where I live but they’re all cheap asses LOL

My goodness.Same person probably stiffs the Waiter or waitress as well. As he paid for the food…Some people really turn me off

It is absurd. But I think they are trying to make noise with the press by doing this 1 day promo so people realize, you should tip on the app.

I doubt all these cheap bastards are going to start tipping now. Maybe a few will! I’d say out of the ones who even read their updates, half will read the tip matching update.

People kill me with that kind of thinking! Pretty sad he basically outed himself as a cheap ass!

Maybe he’s really broke but gave you $5 anyways. Why are uber drivers so ungrateful? Complaining about it here makes you seem ungrateful. At least you got a tip doesn’t matter what he says. Not to mention all of the other people on here bitching about your cause along with you

This is a forum where we can express our thoughts on this job and our experiences. You don’t get to say how he should feel. If you dont like the thread just keep scrolling. :smiley:

For the first six or seven years Uber boasted that the fare should not need to tip; now they change that statement and expect everyone to start tipping

No he said he wanted to tip him $10 so he put half up and uber put up the other half. My point is he could’ve not tipped at all so quit bitching. Did you miss today being tip matching day? Pretty sure it was this weeks big newsflash