Conversation between me and passenger

Me: ma’am you need a car seat for your child
Pax: she’s beyond the age of needing a car seat
Me: how old is your child?
Her: 5!
Me: ga law states she must be at least 8
Her: this is stupid (taking uber pool of course) you’re an asshole
Me: ( while on the phone with uber support) ma’am I’m not gonna go back and forth you’ll need a car seat
Uber support lady: I’m sorry I couldn’t help but over hear… What did the passenger say?
Me: explains, then repeat why I said she needs a seat
Her: comes out yelling YOU NEED TO CANCEL THIS!!!
Slightly rolls window down… Giving pax the thumbs up in agreement but am also waiting 20 more seconds to ensure I get the cancel fee… #winning
She walks off
Uber support: I just want to say you did the right thing by law in GA and across the U.S. Is there anything else I can do for you?
Me: nope :joy::joy::joy::joy: still smirking as I type this

I just don’t understand for the life of me why these ppl want to endanger the life of their child by not riding in car seats! That shit really burns me up!:rage: And then if you look back most feel they don’t need a seat belt on themselves either…

Right!!! And get that cancel fee… Like if you don’t wanna catch the bus without a car seat then that’s kool… But you don’t having me in court tryna explain to the judge how I let you in MY car :oncoming_automobile: and your child flew out the window

was asking myself when did Uber add these. Had to be recently. I used it and I had to contact support a couple of times to get paid. I did not wait at all, just cancelled due to the unaccompanied minor

I’m lucky bc my son is still in a car seat himself, so I just keep it in my trunk. I had a passenger one day give the suggestion that there should be an option for drivers who have car seats available. I think it’s a great idea. There are many places that a parent wants to go without having to lug a car seat around. But you absolutely did the right thing, not worth the ticket!

You might can put it on your profile for them to see. I have a booster seat i might add that and see how it works. I was in DC about a month ago and I saw an option for uberCarSeat when requesting an uber. It was the same rate as uberx

hats great, hopefully they will implement that in our market soon. Great idea. I swear I had that thought after this convo. Thinking if something was to happen,I would probably end up liable. Something to email about.

Uber seats are available in some areas. Be careful using your own car seat. These people are crafty. Anything goes wrong they will blame you. I thought about doing this but then I’d be pissed if someone’s kid peed or damaged my own child’s car seat.

I drive a mazda 5 which seats 6, including me. Technically I have An extra seat, so I keep a car seat there when driving in the day. I have two inflatable booster seats I keep stored for surprises. It makes this so much easier. Not sure what I’d do without the extra seat. My passengers greatly appreciate it.

I have a booster car seat that my step daughter uses… I thought about storing it in my trunk. Just not sure if I want to deal with the liability if something did happen and the seat did not work properly.
I may try it for a week or so. See how it pans out. I wouldn’t want to lug around a booster seat everywhere I go either… That would suck!

As soon as she would have called me an ass hole I would have tore that bitch a new one. i just realized that I worded that bad. i meant I’d tear her a new one verbally lol.

Look in your app under the help section. Nah… That means I give her the chance to not take responsibility… Grown adults need to own up… Putting your child in a car without a seat is irresponsible

Yes, there is something else you can do. You can remember how well he handled this incident if a pax ever tries to lie about him for free stuff in the future.