Conspiracy theorist

I have a question, today I gave a ride to a previous uber driver, she said she had driven for two years. She made the comment “Uber records all audio from each trip” I told her that would be impossible, she said Google it! Does anyone else know anything about this???

Yes and yes she is possibly right. People have reported things that have happened that make it seem as the audio is active. I know on iOS things like that are heavily reviewed but they could still write code that can slip through.

That’s one of the many reasons the driver app isn’t available through the Apple store thingy. The Uber and lyft driver apps are both in the App Store and have been there for over a year.

Cool. I’m on android so didn’t know that. What did they change so that Apple allowed the driver app on? Do you know? No clue what they actually changed but they made it fall within apples terms.

Ok for Android yes the permission setting is turned on, on the app so Uber can access audio and mic recording, but the Android user can go back into the permission menu and turn off these permission. I believe they can and will if there is any reasonable suspicion

You gave control to your microphone and camera . and a support agent told me they record the audio and video and how your car drives with in the app. Weather it true or not it’s not hard to do when you give them access plus the customers also give access so it could come from the riders side for the call

the pure amount of rides given in a day would prevent them from recording. The amount of data and space required to host that daily would be massive. I find it very hard to believe.

maybe but it could come from the riders end but they do have the ability to you have that right away unless you turn of camera and microphone. It won’t surprise me if they’ve invested some serious coin into servers in order to do that.

the reason for this is because Uber periodically asks you to verify your identity by taking a picture of yourself through its app. It can’t do that if it doesn’t have permission to access your camera. So if you have to verify your identity again in the future, you’ll have to give it permission again.

Correct but it can always be turn back on when it’s need. The way Android works whenever a permission that needs to be use the user is asked if it’s ok to turn it on so it can be used. Of course I’m not disputing that, but people are going feel the way they want to feel about certain things. The big brother topic is a touchy one, I really don’t care I got nothing to hide that’s why I have all my permission turned.

Hmm???makes me curious i would get those animal policy emails from time to time and thinking back now i may have had conversations with riders about those policies hence the reason for said emails.for the record i had never denied anyone let alone a working animal a ride

Uber was found to be tracking passengers phones even long after the app was uninstalled. They used the serial number to keep pulling data from the device. Apple shut them down when they got caught and forced an update overnight by Uber to remove the code.

I think they do. Even though I always go back in and deny access to my camera & mic, those things are always back on when I’m done Uber driving & no other app on my phone would feel the need to do that. Since they violated PAX privacy recently, you can bet they’re more than happy to violate ours with their codes.

I was looking at Best Buy tonite. Not helpful at all. I need one with good night vision, front and rear, sd card, long hours to record, and a pause or stop button, with date and time stamp.

Why do people care so much about being recorded? What are u doing that u don’t want people to see. The government or Uber is welcome to watch me anytime. Just know it’s gonna be super super boring!

Its true. I am uber driver in sri lanka :sri_lanka: . I have experience about this. Uber use our camera and microphone. Uber record our conversations and they take our photos when we are driving. My Friend’s uber account blocked. So he went to the uber office. Then uber shows photos and videos taken by his phone (sorry for my bad english)

You are missing one key factor. Assumption of privacy. In California there is no assumption of privacy in a car, or for example, walking down the street. So you do not need permission to record. Trust me… talked to several attorneys.

When I signed up to drive in CA for Uber 4 1/2 years ago, I was with the person who signed me up, and I was going through the prompts to finish signing up.

A prompt popped up asking if I would give permission to Uber to listen in on rides (not all rides). I showed it to the other person, and he said he had never seen that before. Neither one of us wanted to jinx the $500 bonus, so I said yes.

I believe they listen in occasionally at random to do a spot check on the driver. If they get a report of unsafe or inebriated driving, then they probably immediately turn on the listening to see if they need to turn the driver’s app off right away.

This feature is probably governed by your state’s law. I believe CA is a two-party consent state, and this is why Uber had to get my permission to listen in. Many of the apps you download require that you give permission to read your emails, listen to you, film you, use your camera to take photos, and access your contact list.

I recently read the agreement for one of the fast food apps. It required extremely invasive permissions, and I said yes. Look, I was hungry, and they had a great coupon going on!