Conducting a research

Conducting research…

As a Uber driver or unfortunately a Lfyt driver, at what point do you say enough is enough and keep the car parked due to fuel spikes?

For me it’s $5 a gallon.

if you have residual income coming from elsewhere, it helps. for me, $2.19/gallon. I got financial freedom 3 weeks ago with 3 network marketing companies and my own forex trading.

I’m right behind. I’m going to say at about $3.00…I’ll hang it up for a while unless it’s a trip from my house to work in which case that would be the airport. I need you to back up on that Lyft nonsense but to answer your question, around the world $3

Essentially Uber n Lyft r the same…one is really not any better than the other. But I suppose if that’s what u need to get u thru the day…gooooooo Uber!!!

Being that my Uber income supplements my pension, and that Lil’Red is a gas sipper, I’d probably keep on rolling up to <$4.
B/c for me, driving is as much about “staying active” and giving me a reason to get up, showered, dressed & out there as the :moneybag:. Staying useful, etc. to the world.
So, I’d hang in there up 'til $4 for sure.
What I would do is stop driving around/to different parts of town when it got slow. I’d do more parking & waiting.

Since I only drive mainly on weekends or events near my house during the week I’d say it depends. If rates went up and by circumstances surge frequency and duration went up to compensate the price of gas I’d be fine with gasoline going up to a certain point.

Still would use destination filters for picking up on my way to the full time no matter how much gas went to up.

Bro if I wasn’t going to fla this,weekend I would kill it. Not scared of the prices . The more that bow out the more I could make and I drive a jeep so the gas mileage ain’t great but not bad enough to not drive

There’s no gas price at which point I would stop driving. I would however become more selective in the rides I accept – namely I would not drive non-surge rides; I’d only pick up a long ways away if adequate compensation were offered.

What he said^^^^ as well as only accept XL/Plus rides and limit my driving to only times when multiple events are going on. If the price meter ain’t running the wheels ain’t spinning. Get to your area/ pickup location and park. I wouldn’t stop driving cause of gas prices, just change the strategy. Doesn’t hurt to talk about gas prices while in the ride either hint hint for a tip**

It just hit me. I really can’t bet on drivers not driving when the fuel gets to high. There will be someone showing the surges in this group, they’ll see it, and disregard the fuel spike to catch the surges.

I earn on average about $600 per fill up. So gas is a necessity no matter how high it goes. I think $5 per gallon would be my limit. I’m still making a profit.

Now, for people who can’t do the higher platforms, I understand. There comes a point where you have to know when to quit.

Posting the surges in the group would probably be minimally detrimental to affecting your money. You are banking on drivers not driving because of high gas prices. In the past we’ve seen drivers still drive with very low rates, taking pool rides without surges and no tipping. I highly doubt the increase in gas prices will pull that many drivers off the road.

Accepting pool rides without surges and no tipping is a choice. There will be many people who will not be able to afford the fuel, it won’t be a choice. There will also be many people who will not drive because of the threat of a fuel shortage.

Surges are coming. Trust me.