Concern about some comment

I’m truly concerned with some of the comments I’m starting to see in this group. I hope that these situations you’re describing are exaggerated in order to get a response. If drivers are truly treating the customers the way they described in this group then we have become just as bad as the cab drivers we replaced. And just like those cab drivers were replaced by nice courteous clean drivers we can be replaced by the same.

And if I see anyone getting into it with a pax on the street, I don’t care how much we fight on here, I’m jumping in to help the driver. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: This group is wilder than the social groups.

When they brag about it playing or not… What if they were instantly deactivated… Wow That’s all I be doing in these groups…They’re just toooooo muuurrcchh​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’m not talking about any individual driver I’ve seen multiple drivers in this group say horrible things about passengers. And I wonder what’s going on because I average anywhere from 50 to 100 passengers a week and I do not have the experience as they seem to have everyday. My passengers and I laugh we have serious conversations we have silly conversations so sad for drivers that are not having a similar experience

My thing is some reveal a bit too much not knowing who works at the hubs are in this group. They’re just building up screen shots like the GBI build up sell cases. Next they’ll find themselves deactivated and Lyft ignores you. Just think about anything you may have said in this group.

Then they need to take these things into account. Make sure the app lets the pax fully be aware that they have 5 minutes. The things that we complain about are things that if they made the app better would not happen. Heck have a loud buzzer go off on the pax app when the driver taps they have arrived.
Make a pop up screen saying no accompanied minors or children without car seat.
Set a timer for stops.
Screen shot all they want. But instead of reprimanding drivers, use it to improve the app.
Heck they already trying to replace us with driverless cars. Are those cars going to wait more than 5 minutes!? Doubt it. People going to be reaching for the handle at 5.01 and car going to pull off. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I’m not talking about those things. I’m talking about those who flat out violating their policy. Like having a gun. If you feel you need to have a gun then by all means bring one. Everyone doesn’t need to know you do or keep things pax leave behind and lie about it.

It’s drivers like you that make pax feel they can take there sweet time getting to you. 5 minutes is more than enough time to get to the driver’s car. It’s drivers like you that make a pax think it is okay to get a haircut on a stop and have the driver wait til they are done. It’s drivers like you that make a pax think they can go grocery shopping on a stop. Nope not happening. I tried being nice when I first started driving. Not anymore. 5 minutes and I’m out of here.

Now I did not attack you personally. In fact I went out of my way to ensure you understood that. Nowhere in any of my post that I say I would wait for someone to go grocery shopping or get a haircut that is ridiculous. But if I see someone in my rearview mirror waving their hand I’ll wait to see if it’s my passenger but that’s because I have a Compassionate Heart. I truly feel sorry for you that you can be so beautiful outwardly and so rotten in your heart. I am proud to say I have waited for one of my elderly passengers to grocery shop and come back to the car because she was worried she would know how to order the next ride. I’m also proud to say I let another elderly passenger bring her miniature collie on the ride because she said it was the only friend she had. Both of these things cost me time and money. But I would do them again if there was a need. But everybody deals with this world differently no matter how many people I encounter I will always be kind I will always try to be a positive influence on those I encounter.

First of all I’m driving. I see my name being tagged in the notifications. Didn’t even see this post till my name got tagged. If I am being tagged then obviously others know you are referring to me. What you said was in general and I fit some of those general descriptions. Not afraid to wear the shoe if it fits.

Wait, aren’t you the same driver who admitted taking money to stop at a gas station on a pool ride, then you sit here and complain a courteous driver makes it more difficult for you? How the pot calls the kettle black there.

Are you allowed to cancel at 5 minutes, yes. Do you need to be an ass when you see the passenger running to you and post it here to show your an inconsiderate ass? No.

I for one think the poster is right. People came to Uber because we use to be better than the taxi. Now we are more greedy and pathetic than the taxi industry ever was. Truly some of you should be ashamed of your actions.

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5 minutes and there’s no sign of them, sure. But 5 minutes and you see them running towards you in your rear view mirror, and you drive off… that’s just you being a bitch.

Sorry, but somebody had to say it.

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Y’all can let these passengers take advantage of you if you want to. I’m not out here to be these passengers’ friend. I’m here for the money. Period. And there are three things you WILL respect…ME, my time, and my property. I’m all for professionalism…my rating is 4.94 for a reason. But ya’ll know some of these passengers are bogus. Let Uber deal with the customer service aspect…their cut is more than enough to compensate for a few refunds here and there from a “woe is me, my driver wouldn’t let me take advantage of them” customer…especially seeing how they’re taking well over 50% from those surge trips now.

Somebody please explain to me how treating a paying customer like a paying customer is being taken advantage of. So I guess when one of you guys catch a Uber or Lyft you’re okay with the driver telling you they not changing their music and turn on the AC they don’t give a damn how you feel shut up and ride

You shouldn’t be concerned at all. I’ve been driving Uber off and on since 2013 with no negative incidences but I have read and seen incidences where these pax’s feel entitled because they Uber and get driver deactivated for bullshit. Do you think these pax’s would try half the shit they do with a regular cab driver.

waiting longer than 5 minutes when being picked up, taking multiple stops longer than the allowed times the apps direct (10 Lyft/5 Uber), not picking up others on pool/shared, and making stops on pool rides are just a few. The apps clearly direct the paying customer the rules on these.