Complain about people who don't tip, don't expect a guys.. just enjoy!

As much as you guys complain about people who don’t tip, maybe you should deliver pizzas or drive a taxi instead…or just quit… I never pick up anyone with the expectation of a tip…

I don’t expect a tip but if they have me doing multiple stops listen to their shitty music and or dealing with their drunk asses a couple dollars would be a nice gesture. Pizza delivery in my area is out of the question. You get mugged .

Tips are a bonus…you are getting paid for the trip, maybe not as much as we’d always like, but so many people in here offer mints, phone chargers, bottles of water, blowjobs, whatever to their pax and then have their hand out for more and have the chutzpah to complain, when some of these pax expect these ‘little extras’ as part of their trip.

I don’t complain about it, but I do expect to be tipped.

Instead of complaining, I make sure that the passenger knows the truth.

If someone needs a ride to the aiport. I get there in what is arguably a nicer car then a taxi. I atleast get there twice as fast. And provide a safe ride to the aiport. So why the fuck would you tip a taxi and not A lyft or uber? Worst part is the fuckers that start going on and on about how well they tip on taxi rides. But yet dont tip an uber.

Those of you that appreciate tips. Blame other dumbass drivers for not accepting them when pax offer.

I always have been a believer that we need to educate our pax on everything. Tipping, how & when to request rides, where to wait etc

The trick is, dont be bitter. Pax love to interview us, when they ask you how much money you make. Thats your chance “well, it really depends on tips, thats what makes or breaks our night” . If a pax says “ill make sure to add tip on app” say something! If they have no cash, i take venmo, paypal, square & carry change for a $100. No excuses with me

So in other words you believe that the person that delivers your pizza to your house safely deserves a tip but the person that delivers YOU safely does not?

Guys… Tips are always welcome and appreciated… As much as it sucks though… Ubers credo is “tips are appreciated but not necessary”… so you are expecting tips being a driver for a company that basically tells the pax its not necessary… then perhaps ‘Uber’ isn’t for you… yes everyone who delivers pizza, drives a taxi, etc expects a tip…and we do as drivers but the constant complaining is rather childish actually

Uber should not have a credo. Brody Transportation expects its drivers to get tips. Therefore the driver needs to let the pax know that the Uber credo exists because they don’t care about the drivers and drivers NEED to be tipped if non surge passengers don’t want someone doing work for them for profit that is less than the minimum wage equivalent.

It’s all about educating the pax. Uber has brainwashed them into thinking we are not in the service industry… It’s a frikkin slap in the face that they DO have ataxi tip option but not one for the masses. Shame! shame shame

Good thing i dont “expect” a tip but i do “accept” and “appreciate” when they do. Some weeks zero, some $200. Idk about anyone else, but im a tad bit happier when my tips cover my weekly expenses

No! We shall defend our Industry, whatever the cost may be; we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender…

i take it you’re new. The work we do is not charity work but a business . so is ok for pax to take advantage of us according to you. We tip waiters even if she not that good or taxi but guess what uber driver not only do their job…they pay for the entire expense… And you’re telling me tip is a bonus?

I shared my coffee with this guy this morning and he tipped me 10 bucks! Forget the water, I’m going to ask everybody if they want some of my coffee!!!

I’m so happy for you that you don’t get tips.
Matter of fact, I will be happier when they cut more of your market rates. So you make more money and not get tips.

If every driver would just rate passengers based on their tipping then a 4.9 pax would have an actual meaning

Not even 8 months into this year and $2,500 in tips…

This is just off the credit cards… should be double this if I add cash tips… plus the I’ve got the rest of the year to go…

Tips make a large percentage of what you “should” be making

You don’t expect tips, but I’m sure you appreciate them, unless you are a fool and refuse them.