Competition is vital in any capitalistic market

I drive for both. Whenever I get an Uber pax who has never ridden Lyft, I given that person a " first Lyft ride free " coupon with my promo code. I get $5 every time one of those coupons is used. While I do this as a favor to my paxs, Lyft, and myself, I’m also helping out Uber. so I’m doing what I can to help all parties.

Since I’m on ice until my car gets fixed, I thought I might pimp out Lyft in my local bars. Go in, sit down, get my promo cards out there. Trying to figure out my schtick though.

Any suggestions?

Are you a nice person and consistenly give out five star ratings? Then try Lyft. We’re nice people like you.

If not call Uber, they will let anybody drive.

Good point, but at least with lift you feel like there’s something of a community happening, you get tipped, and your rates are actually reasonable. With Uber I’m pretty sure Kalanick and Camp would just assume shoot me in the side of the head before seeing me make an extra dollar on a standard fare.

Dude don’t condescend to me okay. First off, I’m from Boston and I love comedy so I know Louis CKs sh*t quite well. I shouldn’t be surprised though what with the clever, sharp, intelligent sense of humor you clearly have as demonstrated by your not at all dated avatar that you do too.

ALSO…you totally missed the ENTIRE point I was making there man, jesus. My point was that Lyft is an infinitely better organization to be a part of, so get involved with them and ditch Uber, and in the process try and fck their sht up (not the riders mind you, or the other drivers) however you think you can…because they are the epitome of big business at its most evil and diabolical. If you work at Enterprise or something and hate your job…so what…if you have no fall back just do it and do it well.

They’re a decent organization that provides an important service from what I understand. Uber exploits it’s partners, stiffs them left and right, is completely in-transparent in their operational maneuvering, and are completely ruthless (and often illegal) in their competitive practices. So way to go on getting at all what I was trying to say but it’s really cool that you saw Louis CK do stand-up on TV once and remembered part of it.

Do not sign up with Lyft because Lyft is doing nothing to compete with Uber’s surge model. Earn more by learning how to only give surge rides. Uber has way more demand and more riders that are willing to pay higher prices.

Yeah, it goes like this: don’t be a p*ssy cuz you’ve mistaken it for some moral high-ground and especially don’t be condescending about it; also Uber is terrible, America was designed so it would not be terrible, and power needs to be checked always…

No one makes me feel exploited unless I let myself feel that way. I have not felt pressure to mislead a soul while driving for Uber. Hugh Heffner has made millions (maybe billions I guess) off of exploiting women but liberal woman say he empowers women and then complain to the masses that women are objectified.

FDR wasn’t so great. You will see his SSI ponzi scheme collapse. He traded $20 gold coins with Americans for paper twenties by way of executive order in 1933. Yes, confiscated gold from citizens to enrich it’s government. Not the same spirit of the founders of this nation in my book.

Do you mean those marvellous founders who thought it was just fine to enslave black people, treat white women as if they were chattel - those were the good old days. Oh yes, and the outrageous atheist Thomas Jefferson, and that reprobate Benjamin Franklin. And then being such cowards that they dressed up as Indians to throw tea into the harbour.

This is exactly what I’m doing. I have a business card in the works with Lyft and Sidecar promo codes and my contact info. Then I walk around with a glow Uber sign. Usually people just approach me. Then I hand them business cards. By now, they ask me what the difference is between all platforms.

I think maybe you took it a little too seriously. But I admire your fire and passion. I’m guessing you’re an excellent music teacher, and I’m not saying that sarcastically.

I learned last week where the line is, put my toes upon it, and got them stepped on. You folks almost lost Desert Driver to the Mod’s delete button. Then what would you have done? Huh?

That was very clever. You made a gross generalization about “liberal women” (for some reason) and quickly followed it up by essentially saying it’s naive to generalize. I hate it when people say one thing and then turn around and say another too…

However, some feel exploited when factually they are not (working for yourself, business ownership) and some don’t feel exploited when factually they are (jobs, taxes, social security, monthly payments for every purchase). Your results may vary.

Life is better with financial breathing room. Give it a try sometime. The space between income and spending allows for less stress and more giving to needs as you encounter them. Normal is broke and stressful and people prefer normal. Build an emergency fund and if you don’t like the results, go back to buying crap with payments.