Clean car. Safe ride. Courteous demeanor. That is our job. Period

If paxs want gum, candy, water, mints, foot massages, truffles, aromatherapy, etc. they need to call a private car service and pay the going rate. If they want a reliable ride from point A to point B, then ping me. I don’t know who came up with the idea of uber being a free snack-bar on wheels. If a passenger wants a snack so bad they should pay for it themselves. That is just another expense to the drivers over head. Taking the pax from point A to point B is what the drivers get paid for.

You carry the 8 ounce bottles of water (not the larger 16 ounce variety). Pack of 48 Poland Springd is 5.48 at Costco. The 8 ounce is the perfect size because usually the passengers will half drink the 16 ounce and leave it behind.

I noticed when I had the store brought brand no one took the water. My rating went through some fluctation one day and I thought I had to try harder so I switched to Poland Spring. That wasnt the only thing I did. I did many things to try to revamp my rating, but I decided as part of the revamp I would switch out the water.

Its true, for the money the passengers should just expect a ride. The Uberx price to the airport from here is 50 dollars whereas the local cab service is 99 dollars. For 50 dollars one should not expect more than just a ride. However, just showing up doesnt cut it. People expect more.

You’ve convinced yourself of a fallacy. Don’t worry about ratings. I’m holding at 4.97, up from 4.95 10 days ago. I have been explaining to my paxs how statistically flawed the driver rating system is. Once they understand that a 4 means ‘fire this driver immediately.’ they never give another 4 again. Seriously, forget the water and just focus on explaining the horribly flawed rating system.

They expect water cuz some desperate rating fiend did it, or some new guy did it. No gum, no water, no bull****. 4.93 yes more than five hundred trips. Nice car, clean, shaved, dress nice.

It’s common to have water in a stretch limousine, it carried over to uber from people with limousine service experience. That’s what I think. I wind up drinking most of the water myself.
And when I have none, someone asks for water.

The Uber service is supposed to be superior to a cab service. The rating is based on personality, but if other parts of the ride are flawed there are asses who downrate.

You may not expect a cab to have water, but here in the Phoenix metro area, an area of which I see you’re also in, I know loads of cab drivers that carry water in their cars in the summer. Mostly for themselves, but also for their passengers if they so desire. When I drove a metered and marked cab, I had water. Mind you, this was before all you Wal-Mart greeters decided to take your Honda Civics out on the weekend and make a few extra dollars with an app and a phone.

True so true. If uber want to be a superior service to the taxis, it’s going to have raise it’s prices. As far as the non tippers are concerned, they shouldn’t get any concessions. Only the minimal requirements.

I have morning dew collected each day from wild mountain heather petals in the Scottish glens, then bottled and flown in each day especially for my UberX passengers.

I carry water, but I generally only offer it to my airport paxs. From my location to the airport is about 40 minutes, so it’s a nice fare. Pickup can usually be the same and I find it a nice courtesy to offer someone right off the plane. Many people do not hydrate themselves when flying. I get ‘Nice’ water from Walgreen’s

When I first started I was putting cold waters in all the cup holders. My rating quickly dropped to 4.73. Somehow I jumped up to 4.82 and held there for an eternity. Now, I talk to customers like they’re people or old friends, and not masters. I try to slip in some jokes. I don’t offer water or anything. I do make stops if they request. I take less **** – I even pulled over recently to make a point when some whiny guy was complaining about how he didn’t want to be in my car. My rating finally crept up to 4.83.

“What is this, a hotel?” was what you should have said, but I know we have to keep those ratings up! Your issue is with yourself it looks like, when the real issue is the ***** who stepped into your car. Who the hell does she think she is, the Queen of England? Tell her to try a taxi and see if she gets water!

Giving them anything is risky. They may have rated your ride 5, but instead they got fixated on your “cheap water.” Maybe the water was room temperature, and not cold, so they take a star off for it.