CLE Airport Seeking Guidance

(Ray Michaels) #1

Hi all. 1st time post, just joined. Does anyone else here drive in the Cleveland area and sit at the parking lot for airport rides?

I find these are how I get my higher paying rides, but frequently I see people going to arrivals instead of the rideshare pickup point.

Anyone else have this issue? Looking for suggestions. It appears CLE doesn’t do a great job to direct riders on the proper location to meet their driver.


(Bick Bhangoo) #2

Hi @Ray_Michaels, welcome to RSF!

I don’t know anything about Cleveland airport as I drive in Seattle, WA. But I can tell you that at Seatac(Seattle) airport UberX/Lyft drivers are strictly not allowed to pickup from the Arrivals section. You will get a hefty ticket if the airport authority caught you doing it. They even have cameras to monitor the traffic on the arrivals section. Airport authority will simply mail you a ticket if they caught you on camera doing it.

I would recommend picking customers from the designated pickup location.

(Ray Michaels) #3

Correct, which is why that wasn’t the point of the post. I only pickup from the rideshare pickup point and when a rider calls me, I tell them they must be picked up from there. I have not nor am wanting in the future to pick up anyone from arrivals.

What I’m looking for is advice as to how to combat the issue of riders going to the wrong spot and then calling me upset with me because they think I’m the one who is in the wrong place. The main issue here is that this airport doesn’t seem to do a good job at guiding riders on how to get to the rideshare pickup point.

(Brandon Bhangoo) #4

I would recommend sending a text as soon as you accept the request. Text them clear directions on how to get to the pickup area. Create the message and save it on your phone to re-use it.

(Ray Michaels) #5

That’s something I’ve done for Uber but Lyft doesn’t have the text option.

(Brandon Bhangoo) #6

Are you sure Lyft doesn’t have the text option? I have the number saved from which I get calls from Lyft customers. I usually text on the same number.

(Bick Bhangoo) #7

Sorry, I read the post the wrong way. :neutral_face: Email both Uber and Lyft about the issue so they can show better instructions on the app without pissing off the customer.

(Steve Mann) #8

I don’t sit in Cleveland, but as Bick say’s contact Uber and check the issue out. If there is a designated waiting point, then don’t let any MF overtake the queue, we all want the next ride.