Claims this as the world record

I claim this as the world record. I am sure there is someone with more ride share rides but not all with one company. If there is someone with more rides would love to chat with them and hear from them how much Uber does not know who they are.


Wow. You are Mr Uber. NEVER seen more than 5K til now.

I’m catching up to you


I think you are not catching up… you need (supposely) 6 years to do as many rides as he did in 4.5 years.
I did 4k in 9 months… that may be 12k in 27 months… 2 years and 3 months, if i keep my pace

Is it worth it? Like after all the gas and oil changed and such. Do you still make enough to motivate you to keep driving? I would have to be making at least 3k a month after gas and maintenance to be able to do that.

It is a big compliment what you achieve even other drivers think Uber doesn’t care but it is all about what you love it to do and I sure you have it amazing stories.