City has been surging and I took a gamble

So I stopped doing pool but the city has been surging and I took a gamble… I picked up 3 different people in the same area. 2 were 2.5x and 1 was 1.7x. Here is 1 that was 2.5x. The other 2.5x was pretty much the same and 1.7 was 9 bucks n some change. Think it’s worth it? How yall feel?

Ever pick up a pool and no other dings until you are like half a block from drop off? Know how mad it makes a pax if you accept that ding half block from their designation? Haha

Lol… i know i say fuck pool too but the total fare for all 3 riders was 30 bucks. Should i still be irritated? Lol

Yeah but how many times does pool work out like this? Not often. Usually it’s a lot of stress, back tracking, asshole riders, and $10-$12 total for a half hour of misery.

These top 3 fares were the 3 rides for this pool ride. So like 30 bucks for 45 min

Wishful thinkin that surge will rise up again and stop bein fakes. Today 6 outta 7 rides have been surge

Well $30 in 45 mins is actually pretty good

For pool… do we get paid for time also? I know the price is already set in stone… i jus haven’t figured out if thry account for traffic

Pool contributes to putting drivers out of work , with people pickin up pool rides your leaving your fellow drivers stranded without rides

Aye… i said i dont do them but the shit was 2.5x so i had to get money

You only get paid for the distance from FIRST PICK UP to the LAST DROP OFF -

No, don’t pick up Uber Cesspool on principle. People who use pool are the cheapest of the cheap, and the lowest of the low, and it’s usually accompanied by the worst personalities ever. Also, keep in mind, that they most times have unrealistic expectations as to how long it will take for them to get to their destination without taking into account the additional passengers on the way. On principle, no one should be allowed to get into your nice car at half the price of an already cheap rate, no matter how much surge it is.

I had this yesterday. I hate USC rides. They are from a 6-7 block radius. But usually can get them done in 5 minutes.

Had 5 back to back all surging. Made $40 in 1 hour. All minimum fares…

Did your rating take a shit when the rich entitled yuppies at USC got pissed off that they were being surge priced? Hopefully not.

They have parents with money or are super bright with scholarships for them to be in a private school and USC is not cheap. A shared bedroom at a apartment near UCLA is 800/month probably not much different at USC. California is in a economic depression. Some areas more then others.