Charge per bag like airlines

We should be able to charge per bag like the airlines do. We are not a moving company!!!

I’ll load the trunk only because I’ve had pax hit the bumper and scratch it…then they’ll act like it’s no big deal…

Yep! I unlock my trunk and watch their asses. They are more careful when you watch. If it’s a lady and it’s heavy, I’ll help her lift. Otherwise I be like (O_O) …

Had a guy yesterday moving his art studio. Had a suitcase must of weighed 200 lbs in artwork. Plus two other bags and a couple of large pictures. I made 5 bucks. Yay.

I had a lady show up with an armload of clothes on hangers. We put those in the back then she said “oh I have a few more bags I’ll be right back.” She completely loaded up the back of my SUV. Turns out she was leaving a domestic violence situation. I was glad to help.

Yea you never know. Once this pax was taking forEVER to come out I was all “bricker grr ##% fricker” and she finally- FINALLY comes out.

With a cane.

I once picked up a woman at a DUI check point, her car was being impounded and she unloaded some of the stuff from her SUV to my prius

Taxi services don’t charge per bag. Why should we? I would agree on a charge per person, taxi services here in Indianapolis tack on an extra $.40 per passenger.

Up to two pieces of carry-on baggage
Additional baggage will cost extra.
Bags must fit within these dimensions:
22 x 14 x 9 inches / 23 x 36 x 56 centimeters
(including handles and wheels)
Over-sized bags may be denied; though if allowed will reduce the total available number of passengers by at least 1.

Call an uber.
Call a cab.
Both are giving a ride.
Don’t drink the ridesharing koolaid crap.

Lyft drivers offer communities much more than taxi companies & their drivers ever have. I’m sorry you feel passengers are baggage, that makes me sad for your passengers

I am great with passengers. This is the Internet. Don’t take things literally. Unless you like to be mad all the time. Then believe everything you read.

Honestly. How much drugs or guns have you guys smuggled for people? You have no idea what these adored passengers are bringing in your cars. This is about our safety here.

The amount of stuff or people has no correlation to safety. You could carry 1,000lbs of equipment and be safe as fuck. You could have 6 passengers in your vehicle and be safe as fuck to. It’s all about what kind of stuff it is and what kind of passengers you are transporting.

I would rather have 3 officers in the car…So that the last one is protecting and serving the people in the outside world. I would rather transport Three college kids because that’s one less person I’m responsible for.I would rather transport four cats. Three crack rocks is illegal.

All police officers serve and protect the public 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It doesn’t matter if they’re in your vehicle or notwe’re not talking about responsibility here. We’re talking about threat level and safety remember? You’re the one that seems to think that volume is more important than the content that makes up the volume so why are you choosing to transport the four cats over the three crack rocks because remember it’s all about volume to you and there are more cats than there are crack rocks

More people in your car means more driving distractions. Not my fault I like cats and you like crack.You are thinking like Uber corporate. Which will earn you a minimum wage. Smh repeatedly.

Can you absolutely prove beyond a reasonable doubt that more people is equal to more driving distractions? Can you also prove that I like crack? This is humoring to me, you won’t answer me directly because you know I’m correct. What’s more distracting to you four college kids in your car talking about their latest sexual conquests or one adult with their two children who are all quietly tapping away at their electronic devices?