Cant get this sleeping

I can’t get this sleeping thing under control , I’ve taken vitamins, I’ve tried certain energy routes. Like…
Ex. I have to make sure I’m up at a certain time in the morning and in the afternoon. I only drive at night and afternoons are usually no issue to be up and somewhere but morning I typically drive until the start of rush hour traffic but I start getting tired lately at 4am or right after bar scene so I’ll take a nap but over sleep every single alarm. If if I put them close together different times within an hour I’ll miss it completely . This is for anything. I’m not sure what else I can do.

Go meatless for a week. I mean food… You’re not getting enough sleep. You need to start getting more real sleep in or else you’ll start drowsy driving and ppl will think you’re intoxicated.

Gm! Maybe get your thyroid and vitamin D levels checked if you haven’t already. Vitamin D deficiency is common with dark skinned people. We don’t absorb enough of it from the sun.

Oh, yes. Vitamin D! My levels was so low one time my Dr. put me on supplement for 3 months. My levels were at 11 when it should have been 110. I was lethargic and nothing would help. Vitamins might help.

Try do exercises that make you sweat more, cardio, running…your body might be tired but not your brain. Once you do that, endorphins are released and more than likely sleep will come into place naturally

Just like me when I was driving and I kept falling in and out of sleep like if my car could self drive I would’ve passed out right then and there and usually when I sleep in my car I’m REALLY tired. But sometimes I’m not. Like I slept a good bit yesterday

Please don’t drive all day. Me, I sleep after I take my friend to work at 7am until like 3 . Or 4 then I go get her. Then I go back home and chill and watch netflix then around 7 I’ll eat dinner , then I’ll start driving at 8pm or 9pm. Take a break and sleep early as you can.

you gotta learn to maximize your time cause your down time even seems busy. I’m going to be honest with you night shift is tough to get your body to adjust too. I have the same problems some days.

It’s just crazy because even at a shift job you worked nights. And slept daytime. I guess it’s the early morning that conflicts your body . I heard when the sun comes up or is about to the brain functions differently. Take a rest and sleep on the right time.

Well I fucked up this morning and overslept my stay at the gas station . I’m pretty sure this girl I was supposed to take to work hates me. Won’t return my texts. I’m trying to get this cashapp info to send the money back that she’s paid for today. :woman_shrugging:t4: I feel bad but I purposely parked at the gas station not far from her house to just nap in my car so I was ready to drive at least to get her to work…

I have the same problem…nights are hard especially when you still doing things during the day…I take my son to school at 8 and pick him up at 3…but what helps is making sure I have at least one solid day off and maximizing my time when I’m out driving!!! Sometimes you just need a break though!

In my opinion, as I stated on another post, if you have multiple streams of income you can stop driving for a day and let your body rest. One day your body will Shut down. Idc how much u split up the driving. Stop sleeping in your car and lay on a real bed and relax yourself!!

Get your iron and thyroid checked. Make sure your electrolytes are in check as well. I’m not talking Gatorade. I mean getting adequate sodium/magnesium/potassium.

I have to get up at 1:30 every morning for work, and I am a very heavy sleeper. Try the app Alarmy. You can set it so that it can not be turned down, disabled, snoozed, or even power your phone off until you scan a bar code.

When mine goes off, it forces me to get up, walk to the bathroom, and scan the barcode on my shampoo bottle. Haven’t over slept since I downloaded it.

Your body needs rest and playing catch-up. Try to sleep as much as you can so you can feel rejuvenated while driving. Took me a while to adjust too.

There is a theory that what makes people tired is waking up in the middle of a sleep cycle. You can use this website to calculate when you should go to sleep and wake up. Sounds like crazy stuff, but I’ve actually found it works for me.

You know some ppl just get tired after driving for a period of time… 3 hours is not a lot but to some it is when just driving. I get tired or get energized based on what I’m about to do or what I am doing…I take rainbow lite men’s one a day multivitamins … those vitamins work WONDERS for my energy levels.