Can't figure out why so many people hate driving Uber

Why the hell there are so many drivers out there. Seems to me if you don’t like doing it then just stop. If you’re making shit money and putting way too many miles on your car, why not work at McDonald’s who is obviously paying more and no wear and tear on your car? There must be something that I’m missing.
It took me 15 minutes in a surge today to get a ping. If you’re not happy, stay home and play video games. There are plenty of us who can and will do this as supplemental work or something to get us out of the house while making a little money.

admitted you were powerless over ubering and your life had become unmanageable.
When you find yourself sneaking out at lunch to give just one more ride, seek treatment Hopefully your regular job has benefits because you won’t make enough with uber to pay for food much less treatment

So what are you saying, it’s not just a “little” money but more or that the little money is pushing you into a different tax bracket. If such a small amount as everyone who seems to be complaining says it is pushed you into a higher tax bracket, they should find a new accountant and if it’s SO much money that is pushing you up, then why complain??

Don’t let them get you down. All businesses have expenses and many have capital depreciation. Depreciation isn’t a cash expense. Unless you bought your car specifically for Ubering and only use it for Ubering, you will never have a deduction or tax situation where vehicle depreciation comes into play. All vehicles depreciate.

There are several people on here who do nothing but knock Uber. I’m starting to put them on ignore since they are obvious trolls. One poster was telling me it was impossible for me to make money and he wrote “do to” instead of “due to” and “your” instead of “you’re.” I don’t take financial advice from people who can’t spell.

I jumped on here hoping to actually pick up a useful hint or two and was surprised to see how many drivers hated the job they didn’t have to do.

I’m too old and been around too long to worry about this little stuff and like you I do understand the tax implications of working a model like this and that you can’t work all week and make $300, run out and spend it and then not expect to be surprised in April.

I agree 100%, if these sad sack idiots were not making enough money here they should go work a drive thru window . They are still driving for a reason.

You make the assumption they are still drving. Many have given up. Consult you’re cpa. Thats what i did. He said I might as well pan handle. The money after taxes and expenses is about the same.

I am not one to go in to business to make 16 dollars per hour. If i am going to assume the risk provide the tools and do all the work the reward has to be much more than teens per hour. Also dont forget markets have different rates. Some are on the low end of acceptable. Some are flat out nuts.

Like I have said numerous times, all these new drivers “earning the BIG bucks” praising the Uber God “savior of the human race” , eventually end up dissappearing with their tail between their legs, never to be heard from again, it has become the norm in these boards.

They went and got real jobs? Always a possability. There is money to be made ubering. But i think pan handling pays better. Maybe panhandle while ubering?

I never blame the pax for the cheap fares, if you give it to them for free why not, because you are now a driver makes no difference, it’s Uber with their dirt cheap rates they have set up to conquer the market and at the same time hurt the drivers, but since there is always a new fresh batch of clueless “drivers” victims, uber will continue business as usual, their main focus is advertising and embedding the Uber logo into people’s minds, same like Google.

From a marketing stand point they are doing the right thing. From the rate stand point one could argue they are doing the right thing to. Lower fares bring bodies but puts the hurt drivers. Even at the current rates drivers are signing up in mass.