Cannot stop and wait

Drop off end trip. if you sit there they can re ping you but to wait at .10 cents a min is not gonna happen. and as per uber rules you cannot wait on POOL. I tell every pax, I can drop you off on pool thats it, this is a carpool you chose. I have no choice.

I will wait a couple of minutes at a store, but if they are more than 5, they need to find another ride. If it is surging & busy, I can’t wait like that. If it’s slow and I’m unlikely to get another request, I’ll wait longer. If the pax is going a long way, I’m more likely to be accommodating than if it’s a minimum fare or very short trip

It happens often to me; the pax wants to stop for cigs or beer. I’ve only had one pax abuse my time, but it was a Select ride so I bit the bullet.

The fare and your pay is determined by when and where you swipe to pick up the rider and when you swipe to drop them off. You could drive all around town on special errands apart from their final destination and Uber automatically calculates this based on your gps. The inputted destination had nothing to do with the actual fare.

yes but the store or drive thru will be usually on way home, hence no extra pay for miles. you’re just sitting there waiting wasting your time, while making pennies.

Another reason to strike. We need to raise the minute fare to at least $0.60 a minute. The other day i was sitting at the drive through to get my dinner. 4 cars in front of me and it took 20min to get my food. Slowest fast food drive through i have been through. Say that 3 times fast.

Be more like a taxi - charge $0.20 more per mile and drop the per minute rate. When you are standing at less than 20 MPH, then charge $0.60/min.

I had a guy take me from his dorm on campus to get a haircut. He wanted me to stay. It was slow, so I told him I can keep the meter running - it’s only $0.20/min. He said sure. 30 minutes later he cancelled the ride. That’s cool - I made $7.85 without my engine even on. Eventually I got another ping and when done with that one, returned to the barber.

I’ve only stopped a couple of times. Both times I’ve received tips worth more than the ride itself. One time I got offered some free food, but I wasn’t hungry.

I wish I could cancel on some of these Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s/(insert other overpriced “organic” specialty store here) hipsters, but I guess these asshats have been around the block a few times and they’ll usually leave a bag behind in the car.

Technically you do make something for waiting, but it’s close to nothing. Most are close to 20 cents a minute, so if you waited 5-minutes you would take home $1 (less Uber’s cut of 25%) so in most cases it is not worth it for us to wait (because you are missing other potential pings).

It is very hard to deal with this because you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t . If you do, you could wind up sitting there… and not getting paid enough for your time… if you don’t and you drop them off… they will 1 star you.

So you will get paid more is what you’re saying? Like pay isn’t affected in the negative but you get your base rate for time and $.90 per 1km thereafter ?

Btw how is Toronto uber as an X ? Mtl is okay… But there seems to be too many drivers. One day I drove around 2 hours downtown without a ping. Now I just park and snooze until pings come in.

A driver I had said he got suspended at a 4.1 score. But he got back on and was trying to get up again. But tbh I’m hearing all kinds of stuff for different cities and countries.