Cancelled ride doesn't show up in my log for the day

So yesterday I had a Lyft pickup and when I get there I confirm arrival and then the Pax call me and says they are waiting outside the mall.
But they entered their pick up as their destination.
The Pax ended up canceling the ride.
Shouldn’t I be compensated for driving all the way to the location that they entered?

I’m new to Lyft but have had this happen a few times with Uber. I requested the cancellation fee and it was granted.

Why wouldn’t you be compensated?? Five dollar cancellation fee if you are within five minutes of destination and pax cancels? I thought that was the Lyft policy?

This happened to me Saturday and the pax cancelled when I was less than a minute away. I got the $5 cancel fee. I’d contact support and see if they will adjust it.

hell yes you should! If you go to were you were summoned and they aren’t there - that’s literally the definition of a no show. Collect a no show fee.

love em, no show and wrong address’s is some of the best money made. Get paid and get another fare right away

I had a similar incident Saturday, I think they entered the wrong city(Loose Wheel is in Puyallup and Tacoma, I was in Tacoma). I kept texting them til I got to 5 minutes then canceled as a no show.

This a topic that’s been talked about forever. I had that happen yesterday with uber. They don’t care how far you drive. This just reinforces that “don’t drive too far to get your rider” debate. Ugh! If both of these company want good customer service, then they both need to consider how far a driver need to drive to pick up a rider. And this would be market specific. In a larger market then mine, there probably would be other drivers getting those calls

I agree with you, when I frist started I was taking some long trips, then I contacted uber with it and I asked( TOLD ) if I could JUST DO IT Arthur you’re the best driver for job at this time. We understand it a lose to you but this is a good rider and we would like to get them to there distination oh and you will not get a tip.

Incorrect pickup address is the fault of the rider and I have been paid by Uber for those. No idea about Lyft

You only get compensated if youve driven for more than 5 min or have been waiting longer than 5. Before they cancel.

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Is there a way to speak to a real person for customer support of lyft on the phone???

They have an emergancy number to call for thing like if you get into an accident… 1-855-865-9553 and press 2

I have found that sending them a direct message on Twitter at least for a lift kit same pretty quick response