Canceled on a low rating(4.65) Uber passenger

Just canceled on a pax because the dude’s rating was a 4.65. I feel like you’d have to be a really bad rider to have this kind of rating, am I right? I’ve only given out a few 3 stars and 2, 1 Stars; everyone else gets the 5 I don’t bother changing.

edit I didn’t mean to accept which is why I canceled. Some of you are saying that his rating could have been due to bad drivers. Funny I wonder how many of YOU are responsible for things like that happening? Am I in the wrong because I want to be safe? Shouldn’t I be paying attention to the ratings these riders have, knowing some are true jerks that deserve a low rating and it’s probably not a good idea to pick up a poorly rated pax after the bars just let out? He could be a stand-up guy some jerk driver (or more most likely with a rating like that) just rated poorly for no reason, but tonight I wasn’t feeling it. It’s a gamble, and I chose to fold the cards this round person. I feel like my gut says I’m right. Which is usually the case. I was asking your opinions, but I already know my choice is solid.

What if they’ve only had a handful of rides and ONE wasn’t good… or the driver just had a bad day?? I don’t consider that a bad rating…

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Its the lowest rating I’ve seen around here, plus it’s late, and his profile pic was missing. I didn’t want to chance it being a bad experience! I doubt one bad rating would drop his score that low, and why would he even have a bad rating like that anyway?

4.65 is a terrible rating. Doing Lyft, you’re at chance of deactivation at that rating! Lol, it’s almost 3 am. I’m not dealing with a low rated rider. He could be a real creep that’s why the other drivers went out of there way to give him a bad rating! That’s the beauty of both the rating system and being self-employed. I can see which riders to avoid and I can turn off my app when I don’t want to deal! :vulcan_salute:.

I accept pax with low ratings all the time. I’ve found that with rare exceptions their low ratings are because they have made drivers wait too long at pick up…at least that’s been my issue with them. I rate these types a 4 after drop-off.

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I had a driver with a 4.56-star rating. His car was a fat pile of shiz, seatbelts didn’t retract or extend so that they couldn’t be worn. Car stunk like ass, and tires were bald. I got a refund.

Then that’s the real problem, isn’t it? Am I supposed to take that risk? Just assume it’s the drivers and then Michael Myers hops in…

Lol, you’re riding sharing with those types of thoughts? You think a dude got a low rating because he tried to kill a driver? LMAO Michael Myers is more than likely to be a 4.9 than a 4.6

Accepting a 5 star rated passenger is more of a risk than that dude. At least someone with a lower rating has taken an Uber before. When you pick up a 5-star passenger, it could be someone who is completely new or someone who had to create a fake account because they were already kicked off the Uber rider app.

I picked up a 4.67 last weekend. The pin was wrong, so I gave her some tips on how to set it. Figured other drivers might be frustrated. She was nice but started barking turn by turn directions. Thought that’s why she’s low but thanked her for the help and kept chatting with her. In the end, she gave me $10 cash for a tip.

Yep, that’s the gamble. She could have spit on your widow and called you a Jew also. You don’t know until you know.

I give them the benefit of the doubt, but you drive your car the way you choose. If you don’t feel safe taking a lower rated passenger, that is your choice. Be safe out there.

I have only had a handful of issues after a year and a half on the road. Trying to keep it that way! It’s interesting to see these people jump to the pax aid in this. Lol, I bet a lot of them feel guilty because they’ve probably low starred pax for stupid reasons…

I give everyone 5 stars I don’t give a shit. I take all riders in that aspect as well. I never look at their ratings. I’m here to make money. Lol

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Me too that’s why to me 4.65 is so low! I’ve only given out a handful of low stars, and only 1 starred two riders for being horrible, and I had to report them for not getting out of the car and extreme stuff like that. I’m really surprised to see the reactions.

I’ll take a 4.6. But won’t take 4.5 and under. Accepted one because it was slow as hell. Waited for 5, called, voicemail, canceled. She IMMEDIATELY called me flipping shit and cursing and threatening me. I’m like theeeereees that 4.3 attitudes! Good day to you!

Bad passenger ratings can be blamed on bad drivers just as much as bad driver ratings can be blamed on crappy passengers.
I look at their ratings and give the ride anyways, I’ve never had a terrible experience with a low rated passenger except for the one who’s mouth ran so fast I couldn’t keep up: and even that wasn’t that terrible

Drivers have been rated 4 stars and less all the time for the most bogus reasons like for not offering candy, gum, water, chips, etc. Or for entitled pax not allowed to get away with getting in the car with drinks, eating, making extra stops, getting food by the drive-thru, piling up inside the car, etc.

So stop :stop_sign: trying to blame for bad ratings on the driver instead of the known sh*tty attitudes of pax.

As I mentioned earlier today on another board, our rating system is beyond flawed from both drivers & customers rating for the ridiculous things such as no tipping or no candy; it has become some juvenile power trip…when there is no power. I do not even look at a person rating; I will make that decision myself. I maintain a high rating on both platforms as a driver & customer, which the way I see it if you can’t make it work for 5 to 10 minutes this isn’t the venture for you.

If the pax was so bad Uber/Lyft would revoke their riding privileges and terminated their app. This is a business. Does Wal-Mart deny entry to the guy who has his pants to his knees, or QT refuse gas because my old looking car? Too many personal feelings are involved in this business. This is your business and you should treat it as such. I don’t cancel. There are more legit reasons to cancel on someone other than their rating. If that’s the case, you’re not into it to make money. I have been driving for 2 years and I can’t remember giving but one person less than a 5 Star.

I have a 4.65. I have spent, according to Uber, $3000 on their service in 2015 alone. This subject came up at work a few days ago. And frankly, after some thinking, it baffles me. I am always nice. I am quiet, and limit my interactions with the drivers. I am just normally reserved. I always tip, well as soon as tipping became available (15-30%). I never tipped before tipping became available via the app. I wish I could say that my rating does not bother me, but it kind does. My gf is a lot more selective and she has near perfect score on Uber. I have NEVER given less than 4 stars. My standards are low, get me from point A to B, as promised, safely, within a reasonable time and we are good. I frankly wish I could ask Uber for a review of my rating because I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I have NEVER had even a slight disagreement with a driver. So why do I have a 4.65 star in NYC is beyond me.