Cancel trip if no text or call

From now on I’m canceling anyone who doesn’t send a text or call at apartments before I get there, especially on pools, but not on long trips. These people will learn. I will teach them. :joy::joy::joy:

I know. One lady got mad because I sat at the front gate of her apartments, instead of calling her to get her gate code. Ummm shouldn’t you send out that info before I get there?

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These people act like it’s the first time they’ve ever called an Uber to their apartment. We’ve been Ubering in Atlanta for 4 years now. They don’t know we need a gate code?!?!

I have to educate pax too! Sat at the gate and the time was 2:35 and they called lol when they got in the car I was like you get AT LEAST 2 notifications that I’m close

Pull up to the gate and head arrival. They will either call you with the code or after their 5 minutes Runs Out click no show, pull off and collect the no-show fee. I had this happen to me once and the gate area was so small you couldn’t really turn around so I had to back out into the street in order to let other cars in. She had the nerve to tell me I was at the room gate like I was supposed to know there were multiple Gates. She can see me from her window and instead of bringing her butt out to the car, she said I’m coming. I got tired of backing in and out to let other cars in and there was nowhere for me to pull over and just wait at the gate. After backing in and out several times I finally pulled off left and she got billed a no show fee because I had hit arrival when I pulled up to the gate. She sent me a text message saying she was going to dispute it. I documented the information with Lyft so she could not get a refund. She learned that day. If you don’t want us to have your gate code then make sure you standing at the gate by the time I arrived because you can see how far away I am on your app. Bye Felicia!

Don’t cancel before that 5 minutes is up LOL I always hit arrival wen I get to a complex. And if I’m at a gate

I never do, but now with pool the wait time is 2 minutes. This will change eventually when everyone starts canceling pools. lol

that happened to me this week. I just emailed uber and told them that the person never gave me a gate code to enter. So there was no way of entering the complex. I did this after I cancelled (no-show)

I all ready have a text ready to send my pax to help me help them.

This is Gerald your driver. What is the name of the business/hotel/apartment/apartment number that i will pick you up from? Will i need a gate code as well?

YOU know you live in a gated complex, so you KNOW I need the code, if you don’t send or call me with it, you will be disappointed. I will text you at 4:30 and say, I’m sorry I missed you! :red_car::fog:

Unless you just hop over gates like Roger Rabbit…you know your ass has a code YOU enter every time you get there. So unless you assume my car flys I’ll be canceling if you don’t send a code OR if you call asking dumb questions like “Why are you just sitting there at the front?” My response would be “I’m not sitting there anymore, I’m now driving away” click

Why would you do that? So their attitude makes you miss $? Nope. Them having an attitude is the perfect reason to wait the timer out to 5 minutes then leave! With $5 free

Because IF they do make it before you cancel they are in your space/car with all that attitude. I’m not that hard pressed for these extra coins when it’s not my main source of income. Plus it doesn’t happen often enough to really care or impact my pocket.