Cancel immediately, zero tolerance for the bad PAX

I have an occasion, and no qualms about it. I cancel on groups of smokers, minors, drunks who are either unable to function or aggressive in demeanor, people stumbling around with red solo cups… Or, any other drama I roll up to and don’t want to have in my car. Some situations you can easily get them to cancel - such as minors or too many riders.

I have. As an independant contractor you are well within your right to do so, too. Uber has gotten so cheap that every slug in town is using it.

6 girl tweens standing on the corner of their school soaking wet in pouring rain. They were waving & cheering as I waited for the signal. Light turns green & I make a glorious sweeping U turn so close to them they could see my head moving left to right saying “No Minors!”, especially drenched 13 yr old minors…

Absolutely, but I probably wouldn’t pick up 6 soaked humans of any age! Never forget that you’re the most valuable customer of Uber & Lyft. You pay them a fee to use their app so always do what’s best for you, the Boss!

What is actually more satisfying than cancelling is driving pax to the middle of nowhere, then clubbing them over the head and dumping them off in a corn field.

If they are smoking but put it out as I arrive I don’t mind. Yeah my car will smell a little, but they are at the curb and ready to go when I arrive. If they come over and want me to wait while they finish, I will leave. I am a smoker too, but I will not make a driver wait for me to finish my cigarette.

I got called twice to an address that looks very dark, then I waitted close in a bright spot, but nobody shows, when I started leaving the place a bad looking person shows indicating to go to this dark spot. Then I lock the car and leave canceling the ride.

Who has more investigations than Trump? Easy! The filthy criminal named Hillary Clinton. After she dies in prison they are going to dump her in a heap into an unmarked grave.

Not yet, hopefully never. Minors aren’t a concern, I make them (or whoever ordered it) cancel, Uber will have your back on those. For too many riders/too much stuff: I’m polite, friendly, but never unlock the doors, and nicely tell them they’ll need to order an XL.

Drunks, smokers, obnoxious frat bros/sloppy girls, general train wrecks: If I spot them before they spot me I’ll cancel, If it’s peak surge I’ll take the cancel so I can keep moving. If it’s slower/non-surge I can get them to cancel - they’ll get impatient thinking I’m slow, lost, and stupid.

That method may be too passive for some, but I’m not out to be right, prove a point, or discuss things with riders. My sole goal is money and moving on asap to the next ride accomplishes my goal.

You hired a band of thieves yet you’re still obsessing over Clinton… So sad. The election is past tense and The Donald will be history within 666 days from January 20th. Nice guitar though.

I picked up a pax at my neighborhood grocery store. It had been snowing and was driving towards the PT area (only chase PT during snow). She got into my car and I noticed the destination was thirty miles away in a suburb through hills.

Our city gets paralyzed with any accumulated snow. Knowingly how long the trip on a non PT fare and lots of dead miles and time, I told her that my car would not make it there with the amount of snow (which it would have). I asked her to cancel and order a Lyft Plus as those are more likely SUV’s that can make the trip through hills.

I cancelled the other day on a guy who I thought I had before, it was the same general area but I couldn’t remember his name. Anyway the first time I picked him up I had difficulty finding him (large long-term motel complex, and not a nice area), he had a distinct body odor,and he went exactly 0.2 miles, which Uber told me wasn’t even enough to register and I did not get paid (anyone else encounter this?).