Can Uber / Lyft Driver Carry Pepper Spray?

(Kenneth Miller) #1

Is there any rule against carrying pepper spray for protection.

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(Harry) #2

Here is a simple fact. Uber/lyft both have a “no weapons policy,” but they aren’t vetting the pax at all. They have no legal responsibility to ensure your safety, so they simply don’t care if you end up dead. Taxi drivers, which we basically are one, are one of the most likely professions to be killed, even higher than convenience store clerks or cops. Therefore it behooves you to protect yourself in any way possible. If your state allows a concealed handgun license, by all means, get one. Carry a gun, preferably at LEAST 9mm or larger, ON YOUR BODY, not in your purse, and not in a glove compartment. Keep it hidden because a passenger turning you in will get you deactivated, but deactivation vs. dead is a no-brainer. You are still alive to get another job.

(Harry) #3

Also, take as many tactical training classes from genuinely competent trainers (not just somebody who hung out a sign and passes a simple test, someone who actually can and has done those things he/she will be teaching you) and train train train until it is reflexive for you.

Also, don’t pick your weapon based solely on price. There is a lot of jam-o-matic junk out there in the 150-200 price range. RUN do not walk, away from that junk. Think of the gun as a safety device, when you need it to work; you damned well need it to work THE FIRST TIME AND EVERY TIME AFTER. If you pick a gun that jams with every third round, you have chosen poorly. That gun will get you killed.

(Anderson Lee) #4

I doubt you would be inclined to endorse my comment about this, but I think it worth mentioning that there are non-lethal projectile & alternative weapons available too - often for much less expense, minus official taser weapons… just in case you’re not interested in killing someone over a $10-ish ride :neutral_face:

That being said, I’m in total agreement of the right to self-defense and choosing yourself over an assailant if need be, so I don’t mean to undermine anything Stan’s mentioned beyond that.

(Amanda Halen) #5

TRUST ME you don’t want pepper spray in your car even if the shit is in the air it effects you too. I have a taser in my door. There’s a driver here that sells them too and can ship they cost $20 bucks they are high powered and I only charge mine once every month or so and the flashlight on it is EXTREME I can see the addresses on houses late at night. It’s worth it for the flashlight alone

(Jose Hernandez) #6

How do we as drivers know your pax is not armed? I drive till 5 am. And I assume everyone that gets in my car is armed one way or the other. I don’t dwell on it or does it bother me I’m just always prepared.

I’ve had training where I had to be sprayed and tazed to get certified. Not fun

(Amanda Halen) #7

I would love to carry a gun, and it’s legal here HOWEVER I live so close to the California border we take pax over to California all the time, and I don’t need a felony taking it over state lines

(Eric Moore) #8

Just use a knife. Get one with an emergency glass-breaker and seatbelt cutter on it …and if you get hassled, say it’s to save passengers if you get hit by a drunk and end up in a rollover crash.

Hell, I’d carry a gun if I didn’t live in a damn commie state …better to get fired, than murdered.