Can I see the destination before accepting the ride?

I was told i should be able to see the destination prior to accepting a ride. I had my wife request a ride, it did not show her destination on my phone. Do i need to adjust a setting?

Let me explain why i ask. Picking up one last ride last night on the way home. Turned into a 180 mile round trip. Would like to avoid this situation. Yesterday was my first day

No, you cannot see the destination when accepting a ride. You will only see the destination once you arrive at the pickup point and start the trip.

that is a long trip. You should see an alert on the request screen. And even if the rider is in your car you can refuse a long trip.

You can’t avoid it because sometimes the longer than 45 minutes doesn’t show…can’t choose your rides dude won’t make no money

Yep. Just tell the rider you gotta Cancel. And please don’t get upset if they get a chance to rate you low, you’ll pull it back up. If I’m about to shut it down and pick up last ride and it’s gonna be over 20 mins, Sorry, Gotta Cancel. But, Destination will help when it gets close to the end of your schedule, use it wisely, it’s on a 24hr schedule. I learned that the hard way. But, you get 2 daily (24hrs) if I got that right.

Try using the destinations options to avoid going back. And you are able to refuse it. Don’t do it often. But here and there is okay.

You used to see your destination prior to pick up. They took it away to keep drivers from cherry picking thus putting us in dangerous situations. I’ve tried to explain that but deer in headlight stares is all i got.

U only see pick up spot an if trip is more than 30min destination or more, u can decline any trip, just dont turn down too many in a row or uber gets upset…lol

I declined all Pools yesterday for the first time just to see would I still get rides during rush hour, they kept giving me UberX, I wasn’t quite as tired afterwards either, it’s easier. But, I’m only driving when I feel like it, so…

I’m fairly new as well but when I decide Im ready to call it for the day I put the suburb past my house as the destination and then just start heading for home. Sometimes you get a fare part way or all of the way there - sometimes you dont. But it will save you being taken on such a long unexpected ride.
In saying that- good dollars and at the end of that you could put your destination on to get home.
Hope you are enjoying it!

Unfortunately you can’t see the destination until you start the ride, the only thing that is helpful is now Uber lets us know if it will be 45 minutes plus.

Uber Pro will allow you to see the direction and minutes the ride is. So those that are saying otherwise are full of sh*t!

You have to be qualified and in an area that allows it. I have Uber pro and I have to maintain a rating over 4.85, acceptance rating above 85% and complete over 300 rides in a quarter.

you’re not the first person that I’ve seen say something like that. Just out of curiosity…what do you mean by it? Not trying to start any bs just genuinely have no clue why people think this? Isn’t it pretty easy to attain pro status?

I know what it is. I’m pro myself, it’s extremely easy to attain the amount of points even for part time drivers. I’m seeing a lot of people saying that drivers are killing themselves for it and I put in literally 0 extra effort.

Mine tells me the length of the trip and which direction it is going in before I accept it. Doesnt tell me the amount of miles or the actual destination until I pickup the pax.

depends on which market/city you are in. Here in Phoenix when I get a ping it comes up saying the amount of time the ride is going to take and the direction the ride will take me.