Can I drive a car not registered under my name with Lyft?

(Audrina Jameson) #1

With Uber The car I drive doesn’t have to be registered to me. Is that the same with Lyft?

(David Smith) #2

I’m not a hundred percent sure for Lyft but I think it has to be registered to you.

(Paul Garcia) #3

No it doesnt…just need ur name in the insurance…I know this 4 sure

(Jose Hernandez) #4

No it doesn’t with Lyft either.

Your insurance on the vehicle has to insure you though

(Andrew Martin) #5

Lyft and Uber have the same car policy, you dont need to own the car, it just needs to conform to their basic requirements (also very similar) and that the driver (you) have insurance (with proof).

(Steve Mann) #6

Yup, you can. Just make sure your car meets the specific requirements that Lyft or Uber demand and you are fine. Don’t forget that most Uber Black drivers don’t own the car, they rent form a fleet owner.