Can a rider who feels confined, comment negatively on the size of the drivers vehicle?

I was a successful taxi driver for 25 years, and I’m thinking of using my 2015 Nissan Versa as my Uber vehicle. It’s in good shape but although it is a 4 door, it is a bit on the small side. If riders were to review me, they’d find me to be pleasant and agreeable, however I wouldn’t want to receive negative reviews based on the fact that the Versa is a compact car, or that they felt confined in it. If that were the case I’d probably sell the Versa and get a Nissan Rogue which is plenty roomy.

My three specific questions are as follows . . .

Are potential passengers that are requesting UberX able to see what kind of vehicle will pick them up?

Would they have the opportunity to comment on the size of the vehicle?

If I did upgrade to a Nissan Rogue would Uber allow any reviews that mention vehicle size to be removed, now that I have a new and larger vehicle?

Thank you for your consideration,
David Lumbina