Calling Ubereats Customer Service, Getting Zero Help

(Abdul Karim) #1

Really don’t mind doing uber eats as they contribute to our weekly bonus, however getting a 19 item order which required a 40 Minute wait at a restaurant, only to receive the $3.40 delivery fee and no tip is wrong . Calling the uber support line was no help either.
Ubereats Customer Service

(Lisa Markee) #2

Oh man. Ya that’s definitely a smack in the face. Should have been a tip with that big of an order for sure… I’d say stay positive but moments like this make it hard.

(Abdul Karim) #3

Besides the large uber eats, the restaurant got backed up with GrubHub, door dash and other uber eats orders. This is why I had to wait 40 minutes. I wish that customer would understand. Tipping is good karma. Unfortunately, a lot of these bad tippers we deal with from uber/Lyft to uber eats have never worked in the service industry ( car rentals, hotels, restaurants, retail, airlines )

(David Smith) #4

I no longer do Uber Eats I do GrubHub and make a killing plus a tip from every customer no matter what and I see how much I make before I accept the trip. Uber eats will be a thing in the past if they don’t get it right…and more drivers switch to GrubHub.

(Cody Parker) #5

Did it once I had it wrong I thought you eat the food and bring them the empty plate after the time it took gas etc. Turns out I had a pretty pissed off customer…when I gave him the empty plates…fucker didn’t tip either…but hey the food was good.

(Trish Richardson) #6

Ubereats has never been worth it. I turned it off months ago. One delivery is going to take at least 35 to 45 minutes to complete, and it’s most likely going to be a minimum fare. So if they don’t tip it was absolutely not worth it.

(Lisa Markee) #7

If it’s not ready, there is an option to say it’s not ready and it says you don’t have to wait. I went ahead and waited since I was there, but I don’t know if that still counts as a cancellation.

(Sharon Green) #8

Even if you get one crappy ride to let’s say 5 dollars, it’s still better than wasting time with eats. Use uber and lyft at the same time to maximize your earnings

(David Smith) #9

Yeah, that’s why I quit doing eats. A 15-minute drive, 30-minute wait and a 25-minute drive to the delivery location and I got $8.75. Did Postmates as they were paying decent, then they quit doing wait time, not worth it anymore.

(Abel) #10

I have done UE long enough if they say 5 to 10-minute wait I cancel and move on to the next order if it is not ready or almost ready not worth waiting. Used to wait when they paid $5 for 10 mins but that is now 15 mins - not going to do it.

(Audrina Jameson) #11

I stopped doing eats because of this. And they don’t let people order outside of a few miles radius so you won’t ever get more than a few $$ you less they tip. Drive 20 mins to wait 20 mins to deliver for $3 is bs.

(Kenneth Miller) #12

Completed my first Uber Eats delivery this evening and already had to call Ubereats customer service for an issue with the mileage. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon. I will say this doing Uber eats really sucks in my area. I drove 11 minutes to pick the food up and another 10 minutes for less than 6 dollars. I burned more gas that it was worth for the 5.77 that was paid and they only recorded that I drove 3.99 miles when google maps clearly show 4.7 miles for the route I took. And on top of that it was pouring down rain, and the pax didn’t even tip me!!! What a joke Uber Eats is!!

(Christian Odom) #13

You need to beware with Uber eats. They do not pay you for the best route (waze, google, etc) you need to use their map.

They will only pay you for what they calculate as their best route (which shows in their map). I’ve had this issue numerous times, especially in busy NYC areas.

I just forgot eats all together it’s not worth it. Only paid in shortest mileage and no time. It’s a gimmick for peanuts while they get a percentage of the bill from the restaurants and then off our delivery fees.

Wait till you get a 2 pickup one restaurant order. They water down the pay by only giving one pickup fee. I also have to always call them to fix the mileage. You’re supposed to get paid on double deliveries mileage from restaurant to drop off 1. Then drop off 1 to drop 2. 8 out of 10 of those I have to email them and have fixed.