Called Ubereats Customer Service, Updated Address In Different State

The time I got paid to have lunch.

So I accept a UberEATS from the fat burger, pick the burger and head to drop off. I get to drop off and call, no one answers. I call again, no answer. Then I go to the door to make the delivery, no answer. Finally, I call UberEATS support and long story short they give an updated address because the drop off address was wrong. The FIXED drop off address was in Texas (I’m in California). Support tells me “sorry, the delivery is canceled because the destination is too far, but you did get paid for the delivery.” “What about the food?” “You can dispose of it any way you like.” That’s how I got paid for lunch.

Happened to me the other day I didn’t even call support. I knocked on the door lady said wrong address. I waited 10 minutes then called again . Unfortunately the food was disgusting.

I’ve had that happen more than a few times. Drunk college students order food late then pass out. I’ve gotten bomb pizzas, pasta, and burgers for free. Only thing I’ve gotten bad were some cookies that gave me the runs, and they were so greasy. Gross

Happened to me twice first was some bomb sandwiches! The next one was a whole Italian dinner for 5. The lady with Italian food didn’t want to wait 10 min for me to go to the right address since she forgot to change it and just told me to cancel, sure no problem with me lol!

I just called Ubereats customer service and canceled completely out of UberEats!
So, I tried and tried to support UberEats, I really did. I knew it wasn’t as much money, but there was quantity, so I felt it averaged out. Until yesterday…
I had 2 pings go off, back to back, so close together, I truly thought it was the same ping, thinking maybe I just didn’t click it the first time.
I had 2 orders to pick up at Denny’s, I thought, well cool, that should be simple enough.
WRONG! One order was partially ready, the second one was not even close to ready… let the frustration begin.
I was at Denny’s for approximately 15 mins. or so. all the while I kept thinking to myself, a time waster for sure.
Then, Denny’s forget something on the second order, I checked the order, but had no idea because it was shown as a combo AND didn’t show that included a drink. The customer was unhappy, but that was on Denny’s. Please, don’t get me started on the delays at McDonald’s. Again, a time waster for sure.
I tried to just ‘opt out’ on the app, but it kept giving me a message saying if I want more rides, I need to go adjust my availability (aka be available for UberEats). Hmmm… at the risk of sounding like a 5 year old, that’s not fair, I should have the right to choose what I want to do Uber OR Uber and UberEats - this should be MY choice.
I also feel that pings for UberEats override Uber pings. I don’t like that!
So, that being said, I made the judgment call to be removed from UberEats completely.
I’m only one voice, but I have thoughts on how they can improve it, so I will be emailing them how I feel.
Sorry for the lengthy post, aka rant.

Last night I had to wait an additional 15 minutes at a restaurant for an UberEats order…and it’s not the first time this place does this either. While I was there, I notice other Uber drivers also having to wait, but they got impatient and ended up canceling. So I wrote to Ubereats customer service and let them know about it. They pretty much said too bad so sad! They used to pay us for having to wait, as it’s supposed to be a pickup and go service AND if we cancel, it will affect our stats. The support person told me it is a new and sudden change to policy in Orlando. I kind of think its messed up considering you can do a lot in 15 minutes but…that’s just me. Thoughts on this?

My last UberEats delivery of the evening was a delivery to the Heights area in Houston. Dude is standing in his doorway pissed because I won’t bring his meal to the door. The street is dark and dimly lit by porch lights from the houses. I lower my window and said “Sir, you must meet me at the car, we really aren’t required to get out, and for me it’s a safety issue” Dude is livid tells me the other drivers do it and starts cursing me, telling me I’m too lazy and too fat to get out. Again I say “it’s a safety issue”. . . He doesn’t want to hear anything tells me he’s going to rate me at 0. I said, “That’s fine sir, I’m not getting out.” So he snatches his bag and begins to walk off, I said sir you have another bag . . . He comes back and snatches the 2nd bag and begins to walk off; I said “sir you have another bag” he said, “damn what did I order.” His hands are full, so he can’t effectively snatch the 3rd bag. He starts to walk off again I said: “Sir you have a drink also” I have a drink too and as he starts to walk off again I said, “Sir you forgot your straw.” Then I sat there and watched him struggle to the door with all of that shit in his hands. Like somewhere just like they have not tipped they need to clearly define that its curbside service.

Girl, if you felt unsafe, then it’s your choice on taking it to them or not. Hell! I’m from Compton, and I concur that it’s dark af out here in these neighborhoods everywhere! If you don’t care about the rating, you get nobody else should have nothing to say about it! All this going back and forth is crazy! Shit… Somebody has to do uber eats. That’s not my thing but good luck girl.

Sooo today I was pinged for a delivery. Got to the place and realized if was not food…it was car parts…wtf. So I’m sitting in my car questioning if I should report this ride for Misuse of UberEATS. I said fuck it and went and dropped off the package. When I finished, I gave it one star.

Well, it turns out that I was also signed up with UberRUSH which is non-food delivery.

I am just waiting for UberP**N to come out so they can sign us up for flicks. :unamused::unamused:

Sick of Uber signing me up for some random shit without notice!!!

UPDATE: I did change their rating to 5 stars after I found out about UberRUSH so no worries people! They also gave me five stars. I did not know UberRUSH was for non-food delivery, but I’m completely fine with it. I just wish I was informed about it ahead of time, but more money and no pax is all fine with me! :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:

I’m going to say it once and never again.

We choose to work for Uber, Left, and UberEats. We choose to have people, food or packages in our vehicles. We came into this business arrangements knowing there is a possibility that accidents, smells and aggravated people will come into our lives. This was our choice and not anyone else’s. Therefore, we have no right to go to Uber for repairs, complain about others or even waste everyone’s time on negative energy.

If you feel that is harsh, I don’t give a care; because I came in knowing I would have cleaning bills, maintenance on routine occurrences and the wear on my vehicle.

Benefits of all this is IT’S ALL TAX DEDUCTABLE!

Last year IRS paid me back over $2,000, and I live comfortably. Learn to work the system and not the system to work you.

Stop Bitching.