But the way I uber is CLEARLY what the creators had in mind when they invented ride share

Some people do it full time and find a way to make it work, and that’s great, but there are way too many people complaining in here about how shitty the pay is and how they have to deal with an annoying rating system and blah blah. Those are the people this is directed to. If you don’t like it, just quit! But then I’d be a sad panda cuz I love coming on here and sulking vicariously thru your complaints

Because there’s actual rules and regulations there. There’s an adult in the room, per say. It’s not just anyone, with any car, and any insurance. If every city and state treated uber how NYC treats uber, i bet something like 95% of the drivers would never even sign up or start driving.

Oh. So you use other people’s misfortunes as an excuse to gloat and feel superior to everyone else. Yeah, that makes it all better. Quite a testament to your character, oh Lord and Master of all things Uber.

Look really closely at what the OP is saying here. His message boils down to “If you don’t need the money, Uber is great. If you need the money, Uber sucks.” lol

Ouch I honestly wouldn’t drive at 75 cents an hour. My weekly goal is 500 and I can usually achieve it working 3-4 days during the week and one of the weekend nights 7 til 3am. If I work both weekend nights I can get up to 700 but then my social life suffers too much.

It’s obvious what he said and its been perfectly clear that if you are ABLE to do it that way then that’s great. But just because other people are not in the position to work it that way doesn’t mean that they are doing it wrong.

You seemed to have been able to make this work full time, congrats! With the right market and rates it can be done. My post was directed more at the countless people on here complaining that they can’t make a decent wage doing this and DO have other options.

Ok?? I don’t understand what you’re trying to say with this. Some uber drivers make less than 10 bucks an hour after expenses. Just go on he complaints section here and see all the people about their earnings

The money you make Ubering depends less on the market and more on how smartly you drive. And I suspect the majority of drivers chose Uber for reasons other than “making a lot of money.”

Fast food generally isn’t a decent wage. However, If I lost my non uber job today and it was unlikely I would gain another paying what it does, I would find something that was a regular hourly job to set a baseline income I could count on and then Uber the rest of the hours I could.

The area you live in can make a HUGE difference. If you’re on the edge of a metro area and there’s not much demand in your part of town, you’ll end up driving a lot more dead miles to get to/from the action.

There are jobs out there—Go to school bus companies–get a cdl --I’m 67 and just on line I had 3 job offers, but ran into more my likeing–go to a staffing company–get a skill–it can be done

I’ve never understood why people think the government fixes things like for hire transportation with rules and regulations. They pass those rules to control their piece of the pie and make their friends richer.

Some call it having proper commercial insurance coverage, a legit fbi background check, and medicals and others may call it “fear mongering”. Tomato tomahto.

Regulations that add nothing. There is no evidence anything positive comes from these regulations. Uber provides the proper insurance. Cab drivers commit crimes all the time. Medicals are silly. These are all dreamed up concerns used to control the industry.

And again with the hypotheticals. Uber has been open for years and there is no evidence that they are any less safe than cabs. The insurance argument holds no water, we have a million in coverage.

My goal is to buy a villa in south of france,travel the planet and then save some for an interplanetary expedition,buy a Bugatti Veyron,and find a job in a popular fast food chain. Until then I wish there were more hours in a day that I could be online at the existing rates on Fuber…