Business owners and corporate people don't give any tip

It’s crazy the business owners and corporate people I’m taking to the airport pick it up from million-dollar homes don’t give any tip yet the people you pick up from okive garden when they finish waitressing their shift or from Kroger when they finish cashiering their shift those people tip…smh…my tips were about 50-50 but I mean they probably dropped like nobody tip yesterday maybe one or two

I didnt start ubering part time for tips, but learned they come from people who make their money off tips who tip.

Tips usually comes from hospiatlity people…or excellent service you have given. Above and beyond.

I picked up a couple from 3.9 million dollar home. They requested UberX mind up. But they had way to much luggage. Stuff ended up in the front seat. I thought, I could report them for having extra luggage, but nah they’ll tip. Nope, not one red cent, and I took their stuff from the trunk and put it on the curb.

Complaining about tips cause your doing it wrong. Tips is a science I get tipped well cause I invested in getting tips try this thank me later best tool on the market

Tip jars are for beggars. And to pay that kind of money for one is ridiculous. Provide good customer service and you’ll make money. I don’t always get tips but that’s life.

I’m not driving that much if I make three to $400 a month and that’s all I’m really trying to do. Back at $14 an hour honestly it’s not worth my time to go out I guess you just never know. The first time I went out I was making about 40 an hour

Some people are cheap asses how do you think they still have millions of dollars

When I joined Uber years ago, their ad was “tipping” not needed.
They need to advise public to start tipping

I use to be a awesome tipper until I started driving. NOW bare minimum.
Unless of course excellent service. I have found that the rich and peeps in the service industry are the worst, unless they are trying to impress someone.

Funny i was having this convo the other day. The waiters and waitresses dont tipvone bit here. The ones with money dont either. Its usually the blue collared or single moms or young one tip

All I’m learning is not to tip like if nobody else is tipping I’m not gonna feel bad about it anymore either I don’t care where I go I’ll just stop tipping too, clearly I wouldn’t be the only one

As drivers giving 5 stars to a short ride who doesn’t tip. Is screwing us most my passengers tips

People that live off of tips (like waitresses) tend to tip the best because they know how ish works

Clients get tricked and think the candy is a extra service. My tips increased dramatically I’ve take. It out thinking it was my service. I won’t drive with out it did over 300 last week

I guess it’s different for upper categories. I don’t think Black / Suv would like it.